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Ben Wang, August 15th, the epidemic is changing rapidly, and only the style will last forever. Regardless of what is popular this year, there is always a group of people who love Xiaoqing who are unable to extricate themselves. They are fresh and sweet, and they are retro art. No matter how you wear it, you have a fresh taste. Now let's take a look at how the art culture is fresh.


Who said that the small fresh must be covered with flowers, bright colors? There is a printed single product is enough, and the summer refreshing blue with a flower pattern, the following with black high waist shorts. Even if you put on thick black platform Shoes , you can't resist the overflowing fresh temperament.


Light purple dress with a gray sweater, retro small backpack on the back, brown leather shoes. Authentic fresh wear is like this. If you have long black straight hair, it will be more divided.


The Cambridge package has always been the first choice for the art fantasies. The bright, high-waisted skirts are paired with short-sleeved corsets, and retro-style round-cornered sunglasses allow you to transform into a fresh girl on the campus.

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Cotton and linen are the fabric of choice for Mori women. The grey long cotton-doll baby doll dress is fitted with a vintage black chain bag, British style Brock leather shoes and literary accessories. It's no good to say that you're not retro and fresh.


In the fast-paced metropolis instead of the cheerful forest, you also want to wear a little fresh, it only needs a single product is enough. Whether it is printed material tops or light colored clutches, you can meet your little fresh dress.


Woven straw hat is another magic weapon that dresses up small and fresh, relaxed and natural. With a dress and high-heeled shoes, the delicate young girl is even more sweet with a pink backpack on her back. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of Yalun Shusha shoes)

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