Precautions after glass window filming

[China Glass Net] Window film (referred to as window film) is a high performance polyester film (pet film) directly used on the glass surface. The window film is a film formed by sandwiching a hard polyester film and a metallized coating layer. It is a glass film that can provide significant heat insulation, safety explosion-proof, UV blocking and privacy protection for various types of glass. .

In foreign countries, building a window with a window like a car foil has become an indispensable part of people's lives. Architects have designed it as an aesthetic and considered energy-saving, UV-resistant and explosion-proof. Intimate, beautiful design in the drawings, in the domestic, like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other developed cities, has gradually applied this high-tech products to real life. Note on the glass window after filming:

1. Do not move the glass within 3 days after the window film is installed.

2. Do not scrub the foil glass with water within 15 days after the window film is installed.

3. Do not hang on the foil glass or stick any adhesive on the film, or stick the sticker on the window film.

4. Do not use a soft wiper, brush, or cloth containing sand to clean the foil.

5. The cleaning agent sprays the surface of the window film evenly and evenly, then gently wipe the window film with a clean, soft cotton cloth or absorbent cloth. The cotton cloth and the absorbent cloth often need to be wrung out and contained on the cotton cloth/absorbent cloth. Pure topical alcohol will quickly dissolve large smudges and fatty fingerprints. If the stain is not washed, re-spray the cleaning solution and scrape the window film horizontally from top to bottom with a soft rubber wiper until it is wiped dry. Dry the edge of the window film with a towel.

6. On the window film, due to the use of adhesive tape, sticky tape or decal paper, remove the glue or glue remaining in these materials, you can use a soft clean cotton cloth with acetone to gently scrub the contaminated area, you can quickly The ground completely removes the glue remaining on the window film. A small amount of acetone does not damage the polyester film, but it immediately dissolves and completely evaporates the glue and most of the paint.

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