Twelve Constellation Crystal Bracelet

The crystal bracelets for each constellation are different. Let's take a look at the 12 constellation crystal bracelets!

1. Aquarius:

Pink crystal bracelet pink light is the color of the goddess of love Aphrodite, it represents love, is the first choice to enhance the opposite sex. Pink crystals can also relieve tension and irritability and keep your mind calm. Aquarius wears such a chic and unobtrusive pink crystal bracelet, and feel the love of the heart!

2, Pisces:

Tea crystal bracelet For Pisces with unstable temper and emotional ups and downs, wearing a tea crystal bracelet can relieve tension and stress, and have a comfortable and harmonious state of mind, so that the endeavor of the cause can also be harvested in the comfort of the mood! At the same time, the sapphire crystal has a special effect on clearing the phlegm and eliminating evil spirits, which can promote regeneration and enhance immunity, so that the body and mind of Pisces can achieve a rich and happy harvest!

3. Aries:

White crystal bracelet white crystal has the function of focusing, concentrating and expanding memory. It is a complex of all energy and is called "Crystal King". For Aries, it is especially suitable to have white crystal, which promotes its concentration and enhances the vitality of thinking, so that people can think calmly and calmly face the challenges of reality.

4. Taurus:

The ametrine bracelet symbolizes intelligence and wealth. In other words, it has the dual functions of amethyst and citrine; it also enhances the sixth sense. It has the function of blending two kinds of extreme energy, which is most suitable for the diligent cattle.

5. Gemini:

The energy vibration frequency of citrine bracelet citrine can help Gemini to eliminate tension and help the digestive system of the stomach and stomach. It is also a symbol of intelligence and joy. It can gather wealth and realize unexpected wealth. For service commercial companies and businesses. The twins are indispensable for the treasures, and there is an endless stream of money.

6, Cancer:

One of the most effective gemstones in the red agate bracelet (digestive system, stomach pain) balances positive and negative energy and eliminates stress and stress. Maintaining harmony between body and mind, enhancing love and loyalty, and at the same time, it has the effect of inspiring courage and making people's confidence and courage. It is also suitable for those who are weak or sick, or who have just recovered. For an emotional crab, the power of red agate is needed to stabilize the troubles of the mind.

7. Leo:

Some stubborn, authoritarian, dictatorial lions, how much in love, will make it difficult for the other party to hold. Of course, compared to such a lion, giving a tourmaline bracelet to these stubborn lions is the best way to capture the hearts of the lions. At the same time, tourmaline also has the charm of condensing energy, can absorb radiation, beauty skin, so that the lions become more attractive, thus enhancing the love of the lions.

8, Virgo:

The stable and soft fluorite bracelet fluorite can help ease the impetuous temper, reduce mental stress and eliminate work stress. It can promote the ability of Virgo analysis, comparison, induction and reorganization, promote academics, increase its aesthetics and affinity, help degaussing and purifying its own gas field, and remove some unfavorable gas and gas.

9, Libra:

The obsidian bracelet obsidian is formed on the surface when the underground volcano erupts, also known as "volcanic glaze." It has a stable and peaceful effect on all chakras, which can help people to deepen their consciousness. Its energy can penetrate the spiritual veins, can remove the disease and negative energy from the body, avoid evil and remove suffocation, can eliminate the inherent obstacles, promote the coordination instinct of Libra, and strengthen the ability of the human body to implement the lower plate. In the new year, Libra should choose a peacey obsidian bracelet for himself.

10. Scorpio:

The garnet bracelet garnet is named for its crystal shape resembling a ripe pomegranate seed. The name of the garnet comes from Latin, meaning “like a seed”. In ancient China, it was called "purple teeth." It can strengthen the tenderness and tenderness of women, has the special effect of strengthening the heart and strengthening the heart, strengthens the ability of reproduction and regeneration, and can resist the invasion of diseases. Best to improve frail chills and gynecological diseases. Its luster is strong and its color is beautiful. It is one of the favorite varieties of modern people. Garnet is also the guardian stone of Scorpio and is considered a symbol of faith, loyalty and sincerity. Throughout the ages, garnets have also been regarded as a guarantee of safe travel, so it is no longer a gift for a bracelet like Tianzhu, which is often traveled.

11, Sagittarius:

Amethyst bracelet Amethyst stands for spirituality, spirit, and high-level love. Amethyst, as a traditional amulet, can often drive away evil spirits, enhance personal luck, and promote intelligence, calm emotions, improve intuition, help to think, focus, enhance memory, give courage and strength, for informality Sagittarius is especially effective in solving problems and helping people.

12. Capricorn:

The tiger-eye stone bracelet is yellow and black, with colorful tiger-eye stone. The texture is oily and lustrous, and the pattern is clear and distinct, which reflects the radiance of cat eyes. It is often used as a symbol of honor. The yellow tiger eye is also a symbol of wealth, which helps to obtain unexpected windfalls. For the introverted and less actionable Capricorn, it is especially recommended to wear the tiger eye stone, which will give them the courage to overcome difficulties and the confidence to build their careers, and also make their future The splendor is endless.

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