Italian Tide brand Monnalisa 2014 autumn and winter children's clothing album

Childhood is colorful dreams, in order to cater to colorful, changing children's world, Italy Monnalisa children's wear design and development closely grasp the trend of the world children's wear design, fashion style design, environmentally friendly fabric combination, bright color matching, the international trend of style ingenious fusion In clothing, make it distinctive and childlike. Strive to create a lively, healthy and happy childhood for children!

Founded in 1968, MONNALISA Transnational Group has been focusing on the development of girls' fashion for 40 years. Its products are found in more than 50 countries around the world, including Canada, Britain, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Poland, Germany, Norway, etc. Home store (counter). In the children's wear industry in foreign countries, it has always occupied a leading position and has become a high-quality, high-taste girl fashion that leads the fashion trend.

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