Leaflet rosewood bracelet maintenance method

After buying the lobular rosewood bracelet, you should also pay attention to maintenance, so as not to affect the appearance. Let's take a look at the leaflet rosewood bracelet maintenance method.

The first thing to note is that during the processing and when we usually wear, do not wax and oil, because the lobular rosewood itself is oily, only need its own oil, so don't rush to get started, generally we They are all made of a soft cloth slowly like a bath, which is called a plate bracelet. It is usually a continuous disk until the plate is amber. With the above points, don't worry that the lobular rosewood bracelet is damaged in a short time. At this time, we can play it at will, but the reminder is that it is best not to see water within one month.

During the maintenance of the lobular rosewood bracelet, we may find that the bracelet is not very beautiful for a long time. At this time, it is not necessary to apply oil or wax. As mentioned above, it is easy to mistake this. Because after applying them, the color of the bracelet will look better and the color will become darker.

Another point is that the lobular rosewood is easily soluble in alcohol, so it should be kept away from alcohol, otherwise the lobular rosewood bracelet is easily damaged.

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