Large hot bed quilting was introduced

The quilting process originates from the American countryside. Quilting is a decorative twist line that is sewn on three layers of fabric (fabric, dunnage, lining). Cotton and sponge are usually used as fillers between the fabrics. Manual and machine quilting can be seen on the fabric. An uneven three-dimensional pattern. The quilting technique is extremely complicated and meticulous, which reflects the elegant lifestyle of the carrier. Therefore, it is widely used in the world by top brands including Chanel. The quilting process is a widely used process in country-style fabrics and has developed into a symbol of country fabrics.

The quilted products are made by the traditional techniques of hand-stitching, affixing, embroidering and smashing. They are mainly made of all-cotton raw materials, using machine-made, hand-sewn, machine-made, hand-stitched and embroidered techniques. It has the characteristics of classical, elegant and gorgeous, with fine workmanship and strong three-dimensional sense. It is an ideal product for families and hotels to enjoy and use.

Special note with the characteristics of quilted products:

1 The quilted/washed quilt core and quilt are combined by handcuffs or computer shackles and cannot be separated. Otherwise it is not a "quilted" product.

2 The quilted/washed bedding products from regular manufacturers have been washed and dried before leaving the factory. This is to make the quilt soft and durable, can not be used after use, and does not appear cotton knotting when washing, and so on. These procedures are a guarantee of quality. At present, the quilts of some small factories on the market have not gone through this procedure. The purpose is very simple, in order to save costs and reduce costs. And online purchases can not see the real thing, can not touch the quality, can only rely on pictures and prices to decide. So there are Certainly misleading.

3 When the washed quilt is sold, some of it is washed with water. These labels and quilts have been washed and dried together, so it will not be brand new! If the quilt is new, the biggest possibility is that the quilt is not After washing, it has not been washed by sand, and there is a possibility of shrinking leg color after washing.

4 Hand-quilted quilt heads will be more, and the stitches are not as neat as the seams of the machine. However, the softness of the hand is very good, and the cost quality is relatively high, so the hand-quilted quilt is definitely a good choice.

5, the current hand-stitched in the United States has been appreciated, because these quilts are generally used for 10 years, 20 years are no problem, the general washing can reach more than 380 times.

The patchwork of hundreds of quilts, like a beautiful wall, is a piece of art.

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