Jimmy Choo's World's Most Elegant Women's Shoes

Jimmy Choo's new Cruise collection is a combination of fashion, luxury and luxury that brings a series of seasons to the finest party seasons, leisurely holidays and bustling city life.

The design returning to the 80s is refreshing. In the handbag collection, the hibiscus red-lacquered patent leather has a distinctive appearance and the design is bold and exquisite. Key styles include the new thick square high heel “Lexy” with green, and blue and red French leather to choose from. This heel features a unique combination of plexiglass and straight grain lines. It is a masterpiece of modernity and nature.

The rare leather is an important element of the Cruise series and is full of exotic charm. Horse skin printed with an okapi pattern is featured in this season's "essential" handbag collection. The design includes an extra large handbag "Marin". The other prominent shoe design is the non-square heel-toed “Lester”, and its okapi pattern horse skin and snakeskin bring out the gorgeous effect.

The expensive Jimmy Choo did not disappoint people's expectation of it. Comfortable open-toed shoes gave us a pleasant surprise. The luxurious texture of black patent leather and the sequined sequins gave a calm but inconspicuous and lively expression. The luxury was returned to the 80s by the overall design and color. It has to be said that Jimmy Choo understands every gap in the psychology of women.

Silver fish bone? Full and smooth oak branch? Don't be surprised, because Jimmy Choo will always surprise you. Fish bones that are brightened with bright diamonds are used cleverly as vamps. Green satin laces make it richer in color, plus it is high. Density of wooden soles, such shoes are simply a work of art, using the same satin material insoles undoubtedly tells us that Jimmy Choo did not forget its pursuit of comfort.

The 80's platform shoes went back to Jimmy Choo's design drawings, but this time it wasn't a dull, heavy texture. The beige uppers and gold maroon soles created a brisk and modern look. Jimmy Choo had to mention. This shoe does not use laminated shoe soles, instead using a metal-colored original wood pressed material as the sole and heel, the details and the overall combination is quite perfect.

Jimmy Choo's golden, high-heeled shoes are breathtaking and breathtaking. It makes us update our gorgeous concept once more. Simple lines remind us of the Samoan mystical motifs, soft and noble, and slim. The heel gave a sexy and seductive irrevocable imprint beyond the overall design feel.

The gorgeous style of the 80s was revealed here as a glittering sequin. The colors glided between gold, black, gray and pink without adding a very jumping color. This did not affect its liveliness, but made it more The modern atmosphere of the 80s, while the black Y-shaped design has been 10mm slim high heels to make it look sexy and elegant.

Bright purple is the perfect color in the girl's eyes. The bow is decorated with black stones and is lovely and magnificent. How can the girls with dreams miss this beauty? There is no doubt that color plays a role in this high-heeled boat shoe, and the use of matte leather as a material undoubtedly increases the color of the dreamy feeling, open toe's toe and thin heel so lovely in revealing A trace of sexiness.

Zhang Yang and his rebellious design brought us back to the King’s Road in the 1980s in the United States. It was a fashionable and stance. The purple suede shoes were wrapped in a sleek streamline, while the sloppy heel made the overall design in a geometric design. In the middle, this thick feeling was a bit unbelievable, but the wood wrap design made it look a lot easier.

The classic combination of black and silver, studded with Swarovski crystal mottled glitter sparks unpredictable mystery in black, with a dangerous sexy hidden deep in the conical silver heel, which is more or less This maps out some feminist attitudes, and you can also understand that this tall boots is a combination of exquisite and gorgeous, which is not wrong, because it can be seen from its delicate mosaic and beautiful curves.

It can be seen that Jimmy Choo is harsh on the selection of leather in the Cruise series. The snake skin is rendered into a gorgeous purple color. This kind of loud color and pattern is full of wildness. On this point, Jimmy Choo also has a heel. Never missed, the slim heel precisely matches this concept, and the combination of exposed wildness and minimalistic design gives this shoe an exotic sensation.

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