Buy bedding must pay attention to shrinkage rate

Nowadays, the news has arrived in the fall, and the bedding has reached the hot sale period. In the past few days, the newspaper has received feedback from the public that when they buy bedding, the size is clearly consistent, and after being washed, the quilt is small. Yesterday, the relevant experts of the Provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau reminded consumers that most of the bedding products now use pure cotton as the fabric, and many of these fabrics will shrink after washing. When consumers purchase these bedding products, they must measure the size and ask for the shrinkage rate of the bedding.

According to Nanchang citizen Mr. Ma, he bought a set of four sets of bedding products in the bedding market of Wanshou Palace in Nanchang City on October 5, and spent 860 yuan. After buying it, he found that he was not covered by the quilt. . "At the time, I reported the size to the merchant. The size of the newspaper was 2 meters x 2.3 meters. I also saw that the boss measured it with a ruler and the size was 2 meters x 2.3 meters." Mr. Ma said that he The quilt at home is 1.9 meters x 2.2 meters. It is reasonable to say that the quilt can be used to hold the quilt. However, I did not expect that after being washed once, the quilt cover could not fit the quilt. "It is obviously a good size, but I didn't expect the shrinkage to be so serious." Mr. Ma was also rejected when he found the merchant to request a refund. Finally, he was awarded the "reform fee" of 100 yuan through the coordination of this reporter.

At the same time, some readers told Mr. Lin that the three-piece suit in his family was seriously shrunk, and now he does not know what to do. "Now the bedding products are mostly pure cotton products. Although pure cotton products are more comfortable and healthy, there is a serious problem of shrinking water in pure cotton products." According to the director of the Cotton Inspection Department of the Provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau, The new national standard for bedding regulations stipulates that the shrinkage of bedding after washing is between plus and minus 2% to 5%. If it exceeds this standard, it is a non-conforming product, and consumers should not buy it.

“The sheets are shrunk and the quilt cover is smaller. This is really a trouble that people often encounter. As an ordinary consumer, if you want to buy the right bedding, you need to pay more attention to the label.” Mr. Song reminded that in general, every product of a regular manufacturer has a trademark, which indicates the product model, washing method, shrinkage rate, fabric texture and so on. Consumers should accurately calculate the shrinkage rate of the purchased products according to their bed and quilt and pillow size when purchasing.

If you don't have experience, it's best to buy the kit first, then do or buy the quilt, so as not to be quilted.

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