Greedy Mommy to Use Five Kinds of Supplies With Caution

Pointed shoes take you to the operating table

Nowadays pointed high heels become the new darling of young women. However, the beauty-conscious girls do not know that this pointed, sexy, beautiful and stylish pointed shoe will not only make your slimming feet grow “corners”, but may also send you to the operating table for orthopedic surgery! The tip of the pointed shoe has a narrow and flat toe, which has defects in the design. It is easy to wear the foot when wearing it for a long time, and the toes are pressed against each other, which may lead to the “crossbow” and “middle bow” of the foot. The collapse, trapped muscles, and even lead to toe deformation, thumb valgus, toes overlapping and so on.

Make painted skin unprovoked

Blooming roses, shy daisies... Nearly realistic body paintings make trendy girls a new “scenery” on the streets. However, patients with allergic skin diseases suddenly increase. The pigments used by experts to diagnose body paintings contain complex chemicals that are harmful to human skin. Even if they are absorbed in small quantities, they will cause primary irritation to the skin and cause skin irritation such as redness and itching. Patients with dermatitis, eczema, etc., will be aggravated once they are used.

Eyelash pen carrier contamination serious

Some foreign scholars have verified through sample surveys that Fusarium spp. contamination is commonly found in eyelash pens. A new eyelash pen has a pollution rate of about 1.5% before use, and the pollution rate will sharply increase to about 60% during use, which is tens of times higher. This type of Fusarium solani is very vulnerable to people Corneal fungal disease, severe polluters can lead to blindness in both eyes. Cosmetic brushes, eyeliners, etc. should not be placed in the cosmetic case for a long time. They should be placed separately and regularly wiped with alcohol swabs for disinfection and maintenance. When the makeup powder is pressed, both eyes should be closed gently. If the cosmetics accidentally splashes into the eyes, the eyes should be rinsed with tap water immediately so that the general foreign materials can be washed away.

The navel is exposed to the navel of the woman

An exposed navel with a metal head has been favored by many urban sisters. However, this kind of short-skinned umbilicus has caused some beauty-loving ladies to fester at the waist. A woman bought a white, short-fitting navel with a metal head. When bathing, the navel pained slightly and festered. When I was inspected by the hospital, I noticed that the naked head of the exposed umbilicus was in direct contact with the navel, repeatedly rubbing it. The skin will have a rash, and it will even break the skin, causing pus to rot in the infection of external bacteria. Even if it is cured, it will leave dark spots.

Nail polish habitual abortion

Wang Jie, a 28-year-old female youth, had suffered a miscarriage five times during her pregnancy in the past three years. After being diagnosed by a doctor, Wang Jie’s organs and tissues were normal in all parts of the body. The doctor was stunned and found that Wang Jie had ten finger nails painted with thick nail polish. It turned out that Wang Jie, after working at the age of 19, likes to apply some nail polish to ten fingers every day. Even during pregnancy, she has persisted for nearly 10 years, and her nail polish contains phthalic acid esters. Excessive severity, pregnant women use large damage.

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