Shoes and flowers talk about "love" complicated single shoes

At the end of the year, major shopping malls have launched various promotions, and some off-season goods have been placed on the counter. When the winter boots played the protagonist, the shoes suddenly returned to the stage. Looking at this year's various types of women's shoes, boots, single-mouthed shoes worth mentioning, as popular as the clothing has become a complex wind, shoes and flowers began to talk about "love."

This year, several of the reporter’s friends bought shoes. Without exception, they all had a big flower on their toes. Some flowers are also covered with the entire toe in an exaggerated manner and look cute and cute. "This year's shoes and flowers talk about 'love'." The salesperson of a mall in the city of Sijiatu told reporters that many of the shoes this year were mainly designed for large flowers, and the shoes were inlayed with lace and accessories, which seemed complicated and complicated. exaggeration. The reporter saw at the counter that, whether it is a sheepskin or patent leather shoes, many shoes have "flowers" with beautiful flowers on their toes.

At the Belle counter, the reporter saw a pair of dark green sheepskin shoes. The small toe cap was not only inlaid with a big flower, but also hung two beaded beads beside it, making a big fuss on the toe, and other The place is very simple, perhaps because of the complex embellishment of the toe, this shoe sold for a high price of 699 yuan. And a pair of flat-bottomed shoes from Scarborough was also a result of a large flower on the toe that attracted many women. According to the counter lady of Scarborough, the new pair of shoes, after being put on the shelves, can sell an average of two or three pairs per day. The sales volume is very good. Many customers are directed at this flower. With the bright colors, they are naturally attractive. The price was sold at 799 yuan.

At the shoe counters of all major shopping malls, in addition to the anti-season singles, the boots of the protagonists also changed their past simple styles, all with gorgeous appearances. Unlike a single shoe, it is not very well coordinated with large flowers on the toe of the boot, but it is still very feasible to move the brain in other parts of the shoe. So many brands of boots in the upper and the shoes at the mouth to do an article, such as in these places inlaid lace, or embroidered with a few beads, or hang a long fringe, to the boots "grace."

At the counter of a certain footwear brand, a pair of boots embroidered with big flowers at the upper part of the shoes attracted the attention of the reporter. The salesperson said that the boots are not the same as the single shoes and cannot be embellished with solid flowers. Therefore, they can only be embroidered. Put the flowers in the shoes, this is a big trend in winter boots this year.

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