Love Faber - "Discovery New Journey"

At 21:30 on October 21, 2011, the 15th Ningbo International Fashion Festival celebrated the 2012 new product launch of "Discovery · New Journey" by Alphabet No.1, the brand of France's first children's wear Zannier Group. Alphabet Love Fabai 2012 spring and summer new conference theme is "Discover a new journey." The model catwalk as the main body, the perfect fusion of warm, stylish atmosphere, and fully create a sophisticated, atmospheric international brand live show. The conference released a total of 10 series of men and women children's clothing, respectively, after the punk series, the forest tribe series, fashion express series, fashion graffiti series, California surfing series, sweetheart princess series, modern girl series, Waltz dance series, Series, elegant LEOPARD series. Apparel fabrics are natural, comfortable and eco-friendly, with special fabrics such as fashion express (fancy yarn), elegant LEOPARD (chiffon) and so on. Love Faber from the romantic and noble French, reveals the taste and refined, in the brand shipped to do, Alphabet love Faber has a number of countries in Europe and the world of successful brand operation and management experience, the Chinese market also has more in-depth Research and development, and the development of the Chinese market has a long-term, rigorous plan. In entering the Chinese market for five years, the courage to explore innovation, adhere to the combination of Chinese and Western brands, to bring new life style of children in China. This conference not only embodies the Alphabet's European style, fashion and elegant brand style, but also expresses the care and consideration of the children's new life style in China's children's wear market. In 2012, Love Faabei will bring a new journey for Chinese children and continue to develop in areas such as child care, culture and education and public welfare charity. The story of love Faber growth story Love Fabrie was born in 1976 in the famous natural beauty of France's recreational resort in Europe Britagne this scenic place gave birth to the extraordinary temperament and aloofness of love Faber. June 6, 2006 Alphabet Love Faye Wong formally landed on China. 2007 - 2008 Alphabet love Faber Li Zhejiang-Shanghai region, breaking 100 brand stores. 2009-2010 Alphabet Ai Fa Bei in China, a second-tier cities over 200 brand stores, a famous Chinese children's clothing brand. April 2010 Alphabet Love Faber "Love Trip" public welfare fund started. 2011 Alphabet love Faber introduced love Faber KIDS series, get the Chinese market welcome and recognition. November 11, 2011, Alphabet love FABA children's clothing together with China Charity Fund to donate about 6,680 pieces of Xintiaxian poverty-stricken areas in Ganzi, Sichuan, worth 1.3378 million yuan winter love. Alphabet 2012 Love Faabei will enter a "new journey" in the areas of child care, humanities education, charity and other areas to continue to develop ... Alphabet Love Faabei care Chinese children grow every day! Love Faber children's clothing official website: http://

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