Yu Jie Fan Ermei takes the fashion trend with you

Ben Wang, November 17 hearing, whether it is royal sister Fan children's knitted jacket with high-heeled boots, military style coat with jeans, or sweet and pleasant skirt with Leggings, are the best winter this year, not to be missed with Program, the next to take a look at the fashion trend of the crush of several beautiful rides and 2011 the trend of the single product.

The simple and generous design of the thick and lustrous sweater is full of ladylike scent. It shows a lovely and gentle feminine taste. The round crewneck dress and heeled heels with a round design are simple and mature, both fashionable and retro. And without losing the elegant feminine taste, the big handbags are fashionable and versatile.

Simple and stylish ivory knit sweaters look warm and comfortable for you to see. The wide loose loose profile design is wild and brings a romantic sense of relief. The blue red dot tops reveal the burden. Leaf collar, very sweet and playful. Red flat shoes make the look more colorful and bright.

Classic and stylish double-breasted coats are flat and low-key colors that highlight the elegant and refined feminine flavor. The simple round neck design is sweet and stylish. Although the whole is not unobtrusive and eye-catching, it does not lose its tone.

The intellectual-inspired white shirt is embellished with pleated decoration and looks sweet, lovely and young and lively. The unique design and alternative black coat is eye-catching, and the intentionally broken treatment shows cool cool street children.

The pleat-designed bottoming shirt is unique and personal, with a cape-style blouse knitted sweater with the same eye-catching personality, demonstrating the confident and strong side of the urban light cooked girl. The high-top booties and black silk show beautiful leg curves.

Knit jacket with individual style design with sweet knit texture and bat sleeve design, light and modern, striped loose bottom shirt makes the dark winter makeup look refreshing and youthful vitality, leather leggings Cool and popular.

The rose-patterned bottoming shirt is rich in feminine, stylish and sweet, and the mini skirt and gray wild leggings show the legs of the sexy ghost. This is matched with this year's popular nude bat sleeve knit. Cardigan, scent of thick ladies.

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