SUPPOSE Ladies bring a peaceful and tranquil body wash tour

Shanghai Q & A Co., Ltd. is a clothing design, production and sales as one of professional apparel company. Our team will always be healthy, upward, confident and full of positive optimism. This spirit is reflected not only in the concept of consumption that we guide, but also as an important way to unite staff strength, motivate staff enthusiasm and creativity, and enhance the management level of an enterprise, and strive to create an enterprise that gives customers and employees a sense of honor and belonging. We have a master fashion cutting-edge message of the designer, with a brilliant brainpower of the planning team, have aggressive sales force and to serve our franchisee , through continuous training and communication, the company philosophy and philosophy of the deep roots in Franchisee business philosophy among franchisees to a sustainable future. The company is not only devoted to the management of apparel products, but also eager to spread a positive and energetic attitude to life. At present in all parts of the country already has a large number of loyal consumers, has a good reputation.


SUPPOSE女装  带来祥和静谧的涤荡身心之旅

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