Baofeng "Strive to cross" 2012 spring and summer new conference ended successfully

November 1, 2011, China's largest fashion, fashion slippers brand manufacturers and suppliers Baofeng Footwear Co., Ltd. in Quanzhou, Fujian Province held a "struggle to cross" 2012 spring and summer new conference. Mr. Chen Qingwei, Chief Executive of Baofeng Fashion International Holdings Co., Ltd., a number of directors of the Company and nearly a thousand distributors from all over the country attended the launch of this new product with a number of media reporters and witnesses of the footwear industry in southern Fujian The new season of fashion storm. Mr. Chen Qingwei, Chief Executive Officer of Baofeng Fashion Group Co., Ltd. As a global fashion brand group, Baofeng Fashion International Holdings Co., Ltd. has introduced the concept of leading fashion, innovative design concept, leading international quality and diversified styles, "Po Man" and to meet the traditional needs of the slippers brand "Baofeng", fully meet the needs of consumers with the fashion match. "Po Man", "Baofeng" brand products set the world trendsetting elements, Fun creative, leading the fashion, represents a modern life exquisite ideas, exaggerated and beautiful, nostalgic and retro, "Po", "Baofeng "The brand products are by no means just the clothing worn on the body, but also a lifestyle, a life attitude, a feeling of self-confident! It is reported that the Baofeng fashion" struggle across the "2012 Spring and summer new conference, launched a total of "treasure new style", "Baofeng Leisure", "NBA sports life", "treasure fashion integration" four categories nearly ten categories thousands of 2012 spring and summer new products , And also released for the first time a series of NBA-licensed slippers featuring new NBA elements and formally licensed Swarovski, the world's most beloved crystal maker. Crowd full of live conference Aspect One: China's first NBA series personality Liang Tuo May 18, 2011, Baofeng Fashion International Holdings Limited and NBA China announced the formal formation of long-term cooperation between the two partners as the NBA sandals sole Chinese official Authorized dealers, free to use the NBA team and the team mascot logo design, production of the NBA Eastern and Western teams on the theme of the drag sandals products, NBA products in addition to the sale of the retail terminal in Baofeng, but also through Its sales network in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao to promote the series. Po Man NBA Series Products Show In the "Strike Forward" 2012 spring and summer new conference, NBA Greater China Sales Director Mr. Pan Crane introduced the details of the cooperation between the two sides, from the first "Swiss Girl" contest champion Yaron, Sugar led the product show is more attracted the audience's attention. According to Mr. Pan Kelun introduction: "Po" series of NBA products designed by the top design team for the blood flowing passionate sports geek design, whether it is the concept of ergonomic or high-grade materials and the use of technical details, follow the creative personality , Functional and practical NBA design principles. "Bao" NBA series highlights the entertainment, sports, fashion and other youth elements, and focus on quality of life, longing to highlight the self-personality of the young people a perfect fit, will receive the majority of young consumers sought after fanatics. Pan Kelun, NBA Greater China sales director conference Aspect 2: fashion and fashion Swarovski series SWAROVSKI is the world's leading crystal manufacturer, providing a large number High-quality cut crystal stone, the brand to high-quality, bright and highly accurate crystal known in the world luxury brands. The cooperation between Baofeng and Swarovski includes: Swarovski will provide Baofeng with information sharing, design and production advice, marketing support, retail and pipeline support, and brand licensing, as well as provide crystal products for mass production. In addition, Swarovski will also provide 2-year non-exclusive, royalty-free license to Baofeng, allowing Baofeng to introduce its products to potential customers and to use the "Swarovski Elements" logo in its products for 2 years. Swarovski treasure series products Swarovski Elements China market director Mr. Shen Ran attended the conference, and membership with a wonderful on-site interaction set off the climax of the conference, Mr. Shen Ran said: Baofeng is China drag sandals industry Leader in high-end casual fashion; Swarovski is the world's leading crystal manufacturer, world-renowned fashion. Both are leaders in the fashion industry, and in the brand, strength, marketing ideas and other aspects have a certain commonalities and similar brand values. Based on the resulting cooperation between the two sides will inject a new vitality for the future development of the Po brand, through the magnificent magical world of Crystal continue to introduce the most valuable and popular trend of slippers sandals, so as to sublimate Po brand value. Mr. Shen Ran to President Chen Qingwei issued a certificate of authority and presented a champagne conference Aspect Three: Nearly a thousand 2012 spring and summer new products At the conference, Baofeng launched a "treasure new style", "Baofeng Leisure", " NBA Sports Life, "" Po Man Fashion "four categories nearly a dozen categories thousands of 2012 spring and summer new products, formed from life, leisure to sports, fashion and then to have a high-end luxury crystal elements of a complete product line , Through the detailed texture and colorful printing, the size of the wrong and three-dimensional shape, and then to the comfortable, environmentally friendly texture materials, user-friendly design with the most scientific and technological content of raw materials used to produce this enough to lead the fashion trend of 2012 cool , So that consumers feel heartfelt fashion, self-confidence, to create amazing beauty of the works of art. Fashionable and beautiful new live show "Po Man", "Baofeng" brand positioning in the Chinese slippers brand leader, meaning the whole industry to drag sandals brand operation, the introduction of the world's advanced design concepts at the same time, build a strong local Designer team, a strong design team in good faith collaboration, today's Baofeng already has world-class drag, sandals product design strength, each year can produce 50 million pairs of colored slippers, and according to changes throughout the year, constantly Update the product line to ensure that the four seasons continue to introduce new products. At the same time launched the "drag slippers as the main play, other footwear as a supplement," "1 drag N" project, to get rid of the "seasonal limitations" of slippers itself to create four seasons Wangpin, the future "Po Man", "Baofeng" brand is not only China Drag sandals industry's leading brand, will become China's "third shoe" casual fashion industry's leading brand. About Baofeng Fashion International Holdings Limited Baofeng Fashion International Holdings Limited is a leading supplier of slippers and branded slippers in China. According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, the Group is the largest supplier of slippers to China based on revenue, output and sales volume. According to the domestic sales of own-brand slippers, the Group is also the largest supplier of slippers in China. Baofeng Footwear designs and manufactures the "Po Man" brand and "Baofeng" branded slippers, as well as a small number of footwear and accessories products from Bao Po branded non-slip footwear to complement its product portfolio and increase revenue streams. In 2010, the Company was selected as a licensed slippers manufacturer and a footwear retailer of products for the Shanghai World Expo.

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