The One-brand women are just like the girls next door

The One attitude: Always adhere to the concept of healthy vitality, with natural elements, comfortable fabrics, thoughtful wearing touch, a variety of combinations for the 25-year-old mentality of women to pass embrace nature, enjoy the fashion of young life attitude and the price Beautiful shopping pleasure.

The One

The One attitude has three styles of Clothing line to meet the different needs of fashion women in different occasions dress code: elegant ladies series, so that young women full of confidence at work; refreshing sweet leisure series, just like the next girl close ; Handsome casual personality series, so you keep up the pace of fashion, add vitality.

The One 品牌女装  宛若邻家女孩般亲近可人

Pant is designed worn from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately and and may be held up by our own designed fastenings, a belt or suspenders. Our Jeans, made of denim or dungaree, are a form of trousers for casual wear, now suitably worn by both sexes. Considering we have more kids products, we are trying use more natural cloth which are perfect for their skins and environment as well.


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