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Holiday, afternoon warm sun, carrying the family with the endless walking with a smile, those laughter, those songs, echoed in the church bells ... Paintings on the walls of the oil, colorful glass bottles, the horizon Rainbow, paper folding aircraft ... These are our best and purest memories at the very beginning. The series mainly expresses our most beautiful and warmst feelings as leisure, no lack of fashion, simple and simple style, just like childhood The plane of paper fly back to the hands, the heart still has a dream and the only innocent ...... This series is mainly based on the theme of holiday life. After washing away the fatigue and then sleep on my sister's sleep, wake up and put on a casual, stylish family outfit, together with children compose warm and pure holiday.

Rayon Herringbone has close relationship with ribbed twill fabric. These two kinds of fabric are all twill structure.  In order to achieve typical herringbone twill structure effect, twill direction change into a distance of 5 mm, generating Z type pattern.The Spec. of our Rayon Herringbone Fabric is 60*60/90*88. It can be used to make women's clothing.

Rayon Herringbone

Rayon Herringbone

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