Five plus advertising fall and winter magic castle wonderful rendering

Five Plus autumn and winter ad blockbuster "magic castle" as the theme of inspiration, shooting location is located in Paris chateau de chantilly castle.Aesthetic large screen let everyone return to the 17th-18th century baroque castle, showing the period of romantic exquisite and court luxury Aristocratic life.

Five plus秋冬广告大片 魔法城堡精彩呈现

Five plus秋冬广告大片 魔法城堡精彩呈现

Five plus秋冬广告大片 魔法城堡精彩呈现

This season's design concept of "Baroque style" naturally integrated into the new season design, with pastel colors, architectural silhouettes and charming details of the interpretation of Five Plus girl aristocrat life of the 17th century: peach powder, mint green, Qin heart yellow Such as the color of the past to break the tone of autumn and winter of the past, the continuation of the spring and summer to tenderness; blending Baroque architectural art profile, the use of arc-shaped tailoring to bring out the beautiful shoulder lines, creating a woman chic and dynamic; embroidery, Lace, metal decoration and jewelry mosaic embellishment, beautiful aristocratic style exposed.
Five Plus autumn and winter, from the romantic aesthetic encounter Baroque retro style!

Five plus秋冬广告大片 魔法城堡精彩呈现

Five plus autumn and winter ad blockbuster with the classical atmosphere of the castle and the integration of modern fashion, showing a beautiful and fantastic exquisite picture texture, 7.11-8.1 period, watch 2013Five plus autumn and winter ad video, the three aesthetic scenes arranged in the correct order, attention + Forwarding Weibo [email protected] three friends, have the opportunity to get a large section of Five Plus fall fashion, the opportunity not to be missed oh.

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