Ladies era new store summer promotions is about to open

Ladies and Girls Age concessions come ... ... Stores new stores, July 28 is a hundred letters members enjoy the day, the day using the hundred members of the card can enjoy 50% off, August 23-25 ​​is a hundred letters Music Festival , All customers into the store consumption can enjoy 50% off, only these four days, a rare opportunity to quickly snapped, the new lowest price history.


Ladies 'Time Ladies' Fashion is a metropolitan fashion ladies brand that pursues fashion, reveals individuality and integrates into the Chinese fashion frontier culture. With its natural color as its keynote, its unique design and fashionable tailoring make the modern urban girl's personal charisma and romanticism, Young girl lively and perfect blend.

淑女时代新店 暑期优惠活动即将开启

"Lady Era" attaches great attention to detail sense of sophistication, in the combination of clothing and accessories are inadvertently revealed a rich change and a strong sense of dynamic characteristics, highlighting the delicate taste of women, inspire more modern temperament.

淑女时代新店 暑期优惠活动即将开启

The era of ladies endorsement for the young girl, they advocate freedom, the pursuit of fashion, with extreme romantic feelings interpretation of the modern urban girl's youthful charm, full of girls lively, free and confident, so that their impetuous downtown to find their quiet sky.

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