Female white-collar workers over a million monthly salary home to open into the underwear shop into the millions

Zhang Yi Xin, female, 33 years old, Anhui Bengbu people. From the age of 22 , has been engaged in the IT industry in Hangzhou, from the monthly income of 400 yuan young girl until the first two years of the annual salary of more than 100,000 vice president of human resources. All along, Miss Zhang work diligently in the company, from the front desk to sales representatives, sales executives, sales manager and then to the director of marketing, 2009 , due to internal reform, she transferred from the position of director of marketing human resources department to do human resources Deputy general manager. Due to her busy schedule and her own continuous efforts, her boyfriend has never been talked about until her resignation from the company. Family members also headache, constantly urging, but I did not agree before. It was not until last year when I found my co-workers and good friends around me married and a lot of my good friends had been enrolled in school.

May 2010, Miss Zhang and a subordinate chat, found under have been talking about their shopping for underwear thing. And has always stressed that the market is very large brand clothing store, and most of the underwear shop selling goods market, to buy a little better products have to go to Intime or hundreds of shopping malls counter to buy, and inside the product very expensive. The market to find a brand degree and cost-effective underwear feel difficult. Miss Zhang is a sales manager who is a salesman and has a very high sensitivity to the market. She has not been very satisfied with the current status quo. Therefore, she thinks this is a way to allow her to explore her fortune, Able to work from the current eight-hour system to solve the problem of less contact with the outside. Since then, the idea of ​​a lingerie shop has been wrapped in their own minds. In order to do a good job of this underwear shop, she constantly looking for the brand online, because she felt no experience, joining a franchise chain is the fastest and most risky underwear venture. Because a franchise chain brand can both solve their own difficult problems finding goods, but also solve some of their own lack of experience, many service work is not in place.

January 28, 2011, it was a memorable day. Miss Zhang resigned from a company that has been working for more than 10 years. There were still five days left before the eve of the eve, and she hoped to go home on her journey. I thought I was sorry for my wish after so many years of hard work. In this New Year's atmosphere of more than ten days, in addition to helping parents to do some daily housework and year-end greetings to relatives and friends, they also participated in some blind date activities arranged by their parents, but after all they still have no result. After some time, she continued to go to some underwear franchising companies to inspect the project and to visit some of the surrounding counties and lots, and visit some women to understand their habits and living conditions.

Finally, in March 2011, she was in his hometown of Bengbu opened its first lingerie shop. After opening, I discovered that the business was very hot at the time of opening, but after the activity, the business started to decline. In order to understand the reasons, she went deep into the consumer survey and found many problems. The first is to join the brand selling price is too high. Some time since its opening, due to its relatively large-scale activities, has attracted many customers come to buy, but later gradually reduced the intensity of activities, the sales are less and less. Coupled with their own agents from the goods, and agents of the service, after all, there is no direct strength of manufacturers, resulting in late services can not keep up. Some of the original good activities, due to shortage of agents, resulting in many activities are not allowed to do. And a salesperson changed, the agents failed to timely guidance and training, resulting in late salesperson professional level is not enough, orders are not high. And the profit is not as high as the manufacturer's direct supply, after all, agents have already taken away part of the profits, so the product cost is not high, the customer return rate is lower and so on. However, these problems failed to scare Miss Zhang. In order to solve the current difficulties encountered in store operations after eight months, in November 2011, Miss Zhang re-embarked on a search underwear to join the chain of enterprises.

Looking for joining the company's journey, she ran through Guangdong, Zhejiang and many other franchise companies. Finally, she occasionally chance, learned from some other franchisees mouth, a Shanghai Finlay Industrial Co., Ltd. under the romantic season lingerie chain product quality is very good, cost-effective. And the company has its own research and development capabilities, product variety is very rich, product style is also very much. To this end, she asked the company's full address, that the company's brand is Shanghai, but the operation center in Yiwu, Zhejiang, R & D and manufacturing base in Shantou, Guangdong. So, she went straight to Yiwu, Zhejiang, came to the company, accompanied by professional investment and supervision staff, visited the company's showroom and direct sales stores. After reading, she was the company's product style, product quality and the corresponding selling price is amazing. Because she visited so many company products, like most of the products with such high prices are sold for one hundred and fifty or even more than two hundred, and the company's price is only seven or eighty. And after visiting the company's offices and warehouses and understanding the company's processes, it was the best long-awaited franchise. So, she immediately decided to go back and start looking for a storefront.

After looking for nearly a month to join the underwear chain, it is near December. The weather has gradually cooled down, coupled with the approaching New Year, the store began not so easy to find. So she changed her strategy, looking for shops in counties and cities in Zhejiang Province, mainly because she felt that Zhejiang market was relatively large in capacity and relatively familiar with her own side. So, after she walked through Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Wenzhou and other regions, and finally fancy a few stores in some areas. Was already 2012 January 5, in order to plan a good year after opening event, the company also sent accompany her to go visit lots selected stores. Less than seven days in renting a good storefront, the company sent to Miss Zhang has been selected three shops decoration plans and activities planning book. After confirmation of Miss Zhang, beginning from January 12, the store began renovation. Since January 23 is Chinese New Year, so the three facade renovation until February 26, three store renovation completed.

In order to catch the opening before March 8, Miss Zhang decided that from March 1 began trial operation. From the trial to the March 8 Women's Day, the company has been sending personnel to assist Miss Zhang for opening guidance, activities and other arrangements. Which do best day, Miss Chang's shop one day turned out to be one of the sales turnover of nearly 50,000. And from the March performance report can see that the total turnover of these three stores even exceeded 1.5 million. Thus, in the April 5, that is, after the Ching Ming Festival, Ms. Zhang went to the romantic season of the company, hoping to please with company personnel to help her to find the shop, trying to existing funds to reinvest five stores. The consent of the company, the company sent most professional shop manager, accompanied by Miss Zhang analyzed the Zhejiang and Jiangsu area counties continue to find the right shop, looking through a week, and finally OK to begin renovation in April 12, and on April 28 Japan opened. During this period, the company gave strong support, and during the five days of seven days of activity, Miss Zhang's eight stores total turnover actually more than 1 million. According to Miss Zhang reflect: As of June 31, a total turnover of over 8 million. And looking storefront course of business, commission met her lifelong Lee, on July 7, 2012, Ms. Zhang and Mr. Lee tied the knot, her way of operating has thus become a story.

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