May Mei fashion women's brand in October five new store is about to grand opening

Gold nine silver ten, is also a harvest season, Mei Mei fashionable women's brand fruitful, Huizhou gantry, Shenzhen Xixiang, Shenzhen Fuyong, Guangzhou Huadu, Shaoguan five stores is expected to be opened in October 2012, respect Please look forward to!



Dongguan Mayfair Garment Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 1998, the company is committed to leading the Chinese women's fashion trend, a strong R & D strength to create China's Qiao Chu women's fashion. May Mei welcome friends to visit the store and the company guidance! Women will be lovely with you, continuous efforts to create wealth!

Fishing Gloves provide a good fishing experience for fishing people, wear gloves, which can effectively prevent palm injury

In addition, fishing gloves in winter there is a warm effect.

These Ninja Ice Gloves have a cult following among ice fisherman, winter bicyclists, freezer workers, commercial fisherman, and other cold weather enthusiasts due to their ability to stay soft and flexible down to negative 58 degrees. Hydropellent Technology coated palm and fingertips repels liquids while still providing a firm wet or dry grip. 07 gauge polyester brushed micro terry liner on the inside for warmth and comfort.15 gauge nylon liner with HPT coating on the outside repels liquids for a firm wet or dry grip.Encapsulated air molecules in outside shell provide a cushioning effect to minimize impact. Coating remains soft and flexible in temperatures as low as 50 degrees. Treated with Actifresh to kill bacteria and promote freshness. Individually packed pairs with hang tag. Cold storage, commercial fishing, construction, utilities, agriculture, and outdoor winter use.

Fishing Gloves

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