Man Xue Qi fashion women fresh urban fashion taste

" Man Xue Qi " bring fashion leisure two appropriate lifestyle, highlighting the unique taste of consumers temperament, close to the trend of international big-name information to meet the consumer's desire for international fashion. The main brand consumers located in the 25-35 years old, extending consumers to 22-40 years old, culturally high, temperament taste unique intellectual urban women, a small accomplishment, have a certain social status and economic base.

The brand follows the strategy of high quality and high price of the enterprise. The products are positioned in the middle and top grade and the price is in the mid-range line. They insist on setting the price scientifically and reasonably for the white-collar workers as the consumption base so as to achieve a win-win situation among consumers, franchisees and enterprises.


Brand Style:

Fashion casual series of women's expression is the trend of leisure, self-release, adhere to the original features, capturing the trend of colorful, blend season colorful inspiration, to the busy work, life brings a fresh urban fashion taste. So that the charm of true personality clothing to be completely released, reflecting a kind of leisurely, the pursuit of individual life attitude.

曼雪祺时尚女装 清新的都市时尚味道

Subversion is the original creation, subversion of fashion, is to create new fashion. In the opposition and conflict seek coordination, under the avant-garde, sensual representation of the perfect oriental charm. In a seemingly casual and unconstrained design so that each young person's personality charm fully exposed.

Price positioning:

Single: 169-289 yuan shirt: 219-369 yuan dress: 249-419 yuan

Sleeve: 279-459 yuan Windbreaker: 299-469 yuan Pants: 189-299 yuan

Cotton: 429-749 yuan it coat: 419-689 yuan Down: 499-1299 yuan

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