Jennifer 2012 autumn and winter new Plaid new fashion series

Plaid is always unconventional popular elements. If you are a grid pattern control, it may wish to follow Xiaobian to see Jennifer brand underwear in this fall and winter brought us what kind of plaid favorite.

珍妮花 - Jeniform

Superfine fabric, good skin-friendly, wearing a smooth breathable, the center of the low on both sides of the L-shaped just just good contracting armpit fat, build their own fullness chest and natural cleavage, wider than the side, Good contracted armpit fat, wearing a coat more smooth without mark.


Embossed lace fabric with satin print stretch satin fabric, satin touch as silky smooth, shiny, wearing a skin-friendly and comfortable. Cup 3/4 three-dimensional cup, with thick mold cup design, the thickness of about 20mm, gentle hold the chest, easy to gather convergence, chest rise and comfortable steel ring design, which can effectively support the chest, shaping the perfect chest.

Gradient in the form of a strong sense of rhythm and aesthetic taste. It has no gorgeous picture, simple texture. Seemingly simple but actually carefully designed. Simple but not simple is the ultimate. It is a product of the "color" and can attract your eyes well. 

The Shaggy Carpet with gradational color will give you a visual feast of colors. The color in the carpet is gradually changed from dark to light, from bright to shade, like the ebb and flow of the tide water. Any color is available for it, such as red, green, brown, beige, black & grey, pink, purple and so on. Going with the simple and modern design, it can match your furniture easily and harmoniously. 

The color dyeing process is making under the high temperature and pressure, so our carpet is colorfast. The size is customized. The international standard sizes are 80X150CM, 100X150CM, 120X170CM, 140X200CM, 160X230CM, 200X300CM and so on. For this kind of carpet, we have the Polyester Shaggy with Gradational color, Microfibre Shaggy with Gradational Color, and also the Shaggy with design in Gradational color. It can be in different pile height.   

 Microfibre with Gradational color Carpet Microfibre short pile with Gradational carpetMicrofiber Shaggy CarpetPolyester Gradational color CarpetShaggy Gradational Design Carpet Polyester Shaggy Gradational color Carpet

Gradational Carpet

Gradational Carpet,Polyester Gradational Carpet,Microfiber Gradational Carpet,Chenille Gradational Carpet


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