Samaritan: The most "good" fashion femininity women's brand

Like a person sitting in a coffee shop, quiet afternoon coffee taste. Looked past the window of the past, hand in hand, shoulders and shoulders, talking and laughing, playing with each other; young face, beautiful colors ... ... retreated the impetuous years, omitted the complicated decoration, the rest of the exquisite Embellishment details. It is you, let us meet in the corner; Because it is you, collect our bit by bit; Because it is you, so miss; Because it is you, so beautiful. Samaritan stems from the pursuit of elegant and poetic lifestyle, creating a "beautiful body habitat" for urban women and creating the most pleasant feeling for them as a natural and fresh breath of heart.

萨玛莉丹 - samaritaine

Samaritan women's brand is "China's service" advocates and practitioners, although only a short period of six months, has established its own unique competitive advantage in the industry, known as the most "good" fashion feminine Women's brand. 5 years later, samaritaine women's brand number will reach 200 to join, 50 Direct, 8 branches, is bound to enter the Chinese fashion brand women's top ten. Twenty years later, I believe the samaritaine brand will surely become the top three in the global women's brands. As Zhang Huiren, the president of the company, said, "Goose-style leaders" is the direction of the management model of Huairen Garment Enterprise.


Huairen clothing, has a group of both responsible and interdependent staff. As a group of geese in general, you can see them flying in V-shaped formation, in which the pilot right when there is a change, but no matter which geese pilot, geese are in the direction of the scheduled flight, each geese can play throughout the action Corresponding role: leader or follower. In such an organization, every employee is able to exercise autonomy, regardless of the leader's presence, whoever it is, in keeping with the company's stated goals.

Under the guidance of such a business management culture, Huairen clothing today is practical, tomorrow is brilliant.

Silicone Lanyard

Silica gel is silica gel mSiO2 · nH2O made of a suitable dehydrating porous materials of different particle sizes. Has an open porous structure, specific surface area (surface area per unit mass) is large, can absorb many substances, it is a good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst supports.

Silicone Lanyard

Silica gel Lanyard using silica gel as a material made of, but not limited to mobile phone ornaments, can be widely used in MP3, MP4, digital cameras, small flashlights and other products of the match.

Silicone mobile phone lanyard mobile phone accessories belonging to class, mainly used in mobile phones or hanging decorations. Silicone Strap using silica gel as a material made of, but not limited to mobile phone ornaments, can be widely used in MP3, MP4, digital cameras, small flashlights and other products of the match.

Silicone rubber logo printing lanyard

Silicone mobile phone lanyard, with 100% pure natural solid silicone rubber hydraulic machine through repression; lanyard itself has a certain degree of tension and flexibility, and are easily deformed, and immediate recovery; silicone wristband with wear-resistant, high temperature, deformation non-toxic, tasteless, no side effects on the human body and other features and soft, non-cracking, long life, does not irritate skin, etc., it is the real green ornaments.


With a variety of fluorescent, luminescent, a variety of colors silicone mobile phone lanyard, soft and no deformation, non-toxic, wear-resistant non-cracking, high temperature, long service life, does not irritate the skin, fashion and so on. In addition to decorative effect, but also from the medical, health care, insect repellent effect.

All of our reflective zipper have passed SGS, TUV test:

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About our company:

    Shenzhen YYX Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd was founded in 1990. Based on years' experience in zipper production, our zipper are highly appraised by customer in the feilds of garment processing, handbag and tent production. We also produce lanyard,         and Metal Hardware Accessories.

    We enjoy the advanced and professional production equipment, professional testing apparatus and high quality employees for producions.

    The products are at high and stable quality. We provided on-time delivery and active innovation as the tenet, we strive for more excellence and stable development. We take the whole world in view and look forward the future.

    Our tenet: first quality, customer upper most, on-time delivery, considerate service!

    Our philosophy: humanity-oriented, innovative, enterprising, practical, excellent!


Silicone Lanyard

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