Take the first brand in the apparel CASS Kai set off simple simplicity within the ride

Against the backdrop of the downturn in the global apparel industry, the "lipstick effect" has started to take on a standstill. The most obvious feature is the sudden emergence of the interior. According to the survey, the net profit of the domestic underwear industry leader surpassed that of the first half of 2012 by more than 20%. Same-store sales of well-known international underwear brand "Victoria's Secret" increased by 9%. Economists believe that in the economic downturn, people will still have a strong desire for consumption, can bring people psychological comfort and satisfaction of the private supplies industry but will contrarian growth. 08 years of financial crisis witnessed lipstick, mask sales rise, the crisis may turn to take the dress usher in the eruption. Fill the global market to take the market to take up the apparel is only emerging in 2012 the new term, according to the creator CASS best fit to explain, "take the apparel is underwear, home wear, sweaters, T-shirts and other related accessories and accessories integration Into a new category. "Take the clothing can be worn alone, you can also complement each other with the jacket, set off, is a new fashion trend. In the world, there is no professional take the clothing brand. After all, underwear, home wear clothing industry has long been a small category, mostly with sales-oriented, Sweater, T-shirts are not even a single brand. Fast fashion brand Zara has launched sub-brand oysho aiming at women within the take clothing, but the product line is also more limited to underwear, tights, and men's clothing is always a men's take a branch, the professional brand is almost a blank. In this context, CASS suitable just as a revolutionary brand, product line both female and male, to provide consumers with a full range of in-take apparel solutions. CASS Jia Kai groundbreaking build within the new category of clothing, it appears to be able to fill the gaps in the world take the market. Set off a trend within the simple ride Although take the costumes to become a large category of history is not long, but as a breakdown of the category has long been developed. Simplicity and charm are the two main schools currently on the market. Among them, charming-style brands such as Victoria's Secret are popular all over the world. Cats and other similar brands in the Chinese market are still lacking. However, there are few prominent brands with simple styles. Now living in the noisy city of people, are more willing to return to simplicity, the pursuit of simple ease, looking forward to a simple but not simple personality clothing, carrying them back to nature. CASS good fit came into being, the new fashion simple style, inspired by fashion design is known for its simple Nordic, wild design style to follow the urban fashion trend, in order to be close to the subtle introverted Asian aesthetic taste, bring a new simple Fashion. Experience-based innovation terminal After nearly a decade of development, and the rapid changes with the external terminal, the built-in terminal mode gradually become obsolete. Whether it is supermarkets, or a small area of ​​the store, all significant privacy, lack of atmosphere, it is difficult to give customers a good shopping experience. Insider industry experts said that the Chinese garment industry terminal form wholesale bulk goods, to the mall counters, special hall, then shop and street stores, and now enter the experiential terminal stage. People buy clothing is not just fit, more is the recognition of fashion culture. CASS Jia Shi for the built-in industry to bring a new "city flagship store" terminal mode, breaking a single "sales" function, pay more attention to the store environment and service quality, not only provide oversized elegant space, there are professional shopping guide to provide professional ride Consulting services, so that shoppers can easily experience the charm of taking the costumes. Imagine shopping and girlfriends who walked into a warm and romantic CASS good fitness hall, while enjoying the moving music, while easily choose a small all kinds of underwear, home service, and even Amoy to the unique sweater and T-shirt Why not? CASS good brand responsible person said that within the ride now is still a blue ocean, with hundreds of billions of market space. As the proponent of the inner wear apparel, CASS Jia Shi this year will fully enter the Chinese market, integrating the use of internal and external resources, to create fashion within the first brand to take clothing.

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