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Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrate the National Day! I pay for your shopping! Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival gift, Guangzhou step high Garment Co., Ltd. million cash crazy delivery! Autumn gradually thick, gradually round. Sultry autumn slightest cool with the hearts of shares deep thoughts of love. Full moon night, autumn season, even if we can not spend the holiday season with our families, we can still convey each other's affection. We can buy a satisfactory gift, love affair, let your friends and relatives experience the blessing from afar. A caring clothes, a love, a full package of feelings, more truly tell your heart. In order to better express their affection, in the occasion of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival double-double approaching, Guangzhou Step Garment Co., Ltd. from September 15 to October 8, launched "Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Cum crazy delivery of millions of cash "Mid-Autumn Day promotion, welcome new and old customers come to buy. It is reported that the promotion of unprecedented strength of the event, the customer can scratch the card in the form of draw, each scratch card can be scraped out of different amounts of cash vouchers, scratch card cash coupon amount of 10 yuan, 50 yuan, waits for a single, more 180 yuan worth of pants, 42 inch LCD TV, iphone4s waiting for you to take. Want to take cash vouchers, want to win the 42-inch LCD TV and iphone4s, then to participate in our activities, pumping jackpot every day, to win a gift, more surprises waiting for you at the scene. Nationwide celebration, family reunion, so Guangzhou step by step Garment Co., Ltd. in our event site to accompany you to celebrate the festive season, in the autumn promenade, leaving us a deep shadow and sweet smile. Mid-Autumn Festival celebrate gift, millions of crazy delivery of cash

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