What is the meaning of the jade old pit?

What does the jade old pit mean? There is no clear definition of the old pit jade. When consumers buy, they only hear that the old pit is good. After a long time, everyone has formed a good impression on the old pit jade. So, why is it called the old pit jade? Anything?

When shopping in a jewelry store, I often hear some experts say that this piece of jade is older, taller, and more watery. The jade is not enough vintage, tender, pale, dry...

In their view, jade is the older the better. Now when it comes to the year of jade, the first thing to do is to understand the concept of new and old time. This old and new refers to the formation of jade under the ground, which is what geologists mean. What about the age? Or do people refer to the succession of jade? Or is the year in which people bought the finished product for storage?

Some jadeite jade experts have discovered from long-term practice that the quality of the jade in the "old pit" is good and the water is also sufficient. This is a fact. Is it because water is soaked in the river for a long time, and the water is formed into the crystal? In fact, this is not the case. The jade found in the river sediment deposits is of good quality, high in color, fine in quality and good in transparency. For this situation, a reasonable explanation can be obtained from the geological reason.

Three statements about the jade old pit:

1, the earliest is named according to the age of the excavated mine, and the stone excavated from the excavated early pit is called "old pit"

2. After the old mine was dug, the new mine was opened more and more. . It is not easy to use the word definition to name it. It gave it a new meaning: it is used to refer to the ultra-high-grade jade that can achieve the "glass type positive green".

Most of the goods for this stage went to Hong Kong and Taiwan. The rich women there had money. During that time, the mainland was busy with private repairs. No one consumed them.

3. Later, the jadeite of "glass type Zhengyang green" is becoming less and less common. . . Therefore, it is given a new definition: the germplasm is superfine, rigid enough, and the crystal jade is not visible to the naked eye.

There are many kinds of sayings about the old pit jade, and these are just for everyone's reference. I hope to help you.

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