How to choose the same series of summer dress with girls dress

Now as long as the brand's clothing has a similar style of clothing, it was called a series, there is a series of more than three or four of the styles, patterns, colors are the same is the style with a slight change, If you fancy this series, then how to choose the style inside it? Find the most suitable dress style, Karl Fette children's clothing series with a dress style, black and white Plaid, printed embellishment such a series is not very attractive? This style of black and white plaid embellishment, white gauze skirt, shirt collar design that is fresh and cute, if your baby neck is not very long recommended to wear this dress more suitable. Round neck dress style design for a long neck baby, so it will appear more slender, this paragraph looks more like a pattern, the same color, is the style a little change, this is a round neck design with A little black and white cardigan lady style of intellectual Oh.



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