Now open a lingerie shop open underwear shop choose which brand is good

Underwear market is hailed as the last piece of the gold industry in apparel industry, its development prospects are very broad, so more and more venture capital companies, have their own shop will have the intention to enter the industry. However, in this big market you want to find a real fit for their own brand, but not easy.

Guangzhou Yi-chi apparel, " Twilight Love " underwear brand , including bras, underwear, home service, lingerie, swimwear, maternity and other diversified products to meet the modern one-stop shopping needs. Love twilight is "the founding brand of new concept of ecological underwear in China," the use of green original eco-design, promote green and healthy life, known as "a woman's breast nutritionist."

现在开内衣店好吗 开内衣店选择哪个品牌好

With the success of the franchisee is our principle of success, Chaolu love to apply for a franchisee after the strict assessment by virtue of advanced management concepts and brand advantages, to make every effort to bring the success of each franchisee entrepreneurship, adhere to a win-win development, At every step, opened a shop, a successful shop.

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all those tarpaulin has the proprities of water resistant /uv resistant etc .cotton canvas and Polyester Canvas tarpaulin's breathability is the biggest difference compare to the pvc coated tarpaulin .

Waterproof Tarpaulin

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