Chu Court TRUGIRL: fashion women's wardrobe shop

Founded in 1996, Chuge (International) Fashion Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock group company with more than 10 years of design, terminal retail and production in Hong Kong. The Chinese name "Chu Pavilion" is derived from English translation TRUGIRL, meaning "real girl" and the interpretation of the new generation of women in pursuit of true and true style of life.

Chu Pavilion TRUGIRL's three women's brands : Chuwei Wei TRUVIVI , by Dai Zi YOUDAIZI, Chu Shi Xuan TRUFASHION, to create a women's fashion wardrobe set shop.

Chu Weiwei TRUVIVI - a single product mix free style

For free fashion women prefer to mix and match the existence of fashion preferences, individual pursuit of freedom and European style; simple lines, chic hand-sewn and accurate tailoring is TRUVIVI female consumer favorite, a variety of mixed free combination suitable Different occasions dress choice.

From Dai Dai YOUDAIZI - exquisite sexy dress

Exaggerated colors more feminine, stylish and elegant dress to the delicate, delicate and delicate Korean popular elements and the integration of international trends; selection of superior fabrics, both the simple and modern women's value orientation, the type of high-end single With a sense of beauty, pay attention to the details of version of exquisite style, over the color so that the unique charm of modern women in the interpretation of colorful! Adhering to the urban women's pursuit of fashion lifestyle taste, the formation of a unique flavor by the Dai Zi fashion charm: a sexy dress.

楚阁TRUGIRL: 时尚女性的衣橱集合店

Chu Shi Xuan TRUFASHION - a new fashion portfolio

Chu poetry Xuan brand positioning in urban women, the pursuit of fashion style of fashion women. Advocating the pursuit of the latest fashion trends; Known as the quarter of rapid popularity, fabric matching with meticulous design, the formation of a new type of fashion portfolio for the main line category; rapid popularity and rapid matching is the charm of Chu Shi Xuan.

Products name:Cheap and beautiful wholesale Indoor Slipper

Out sole:EVA & TPR.                             

Size: 29cm as normal,size customized.

Upper materrial: fleece.                                         

Logo:offset printig logo, embroidery, hot-trans-printing.

Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Detail: 50-200 pairs per carton as request.

Delivery Detail: 30days.               


1. New designed promotional gift slipper
2. Customized color and size
3. High quality, fair price

Indoor Slipper

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