Modal fabric is good? Modal fabric What are the advantages?

Want to have a more systematic and comprehensive understanding of a fabric, of course, we must know what its strengths and weaknesses are, then we will first look at the advantages of modal fabric it! 1, fiber fineness Modal fiber fineness of 1dtex, while the fineness of cotton fiber 1.5'2.5tex, silk fineness of 1.3dtex. 2, feel the use of natural plant extracts of textiles, the human body is good, feel smooth, delicate, drape, Modal fiber fabric cloth surface smooth, delicate, smooth, with natural silk effect. . Whether breathable or absorbent are good, drape excellent. 3, Modal fiber Modal has the characteristics of high strength fiber uniform, wet strength is about 50% of dry strength, better than viscose performance, has good spinnability and weaving. 4, wet modulus Modal fiber has a higher wet modulus, the shrinkage of the yarn is only about 1%, while the viscose fiber yarn boiling water shrinkage as high as 6.5%. Its hygroscopicity, breathable performance is superior to pure cotton fabric, is the ideal close-fitting fabric and health care products, is conducive to the body's physiological circulation and health. Modal fibers absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton fibers, leaving Modal fabrics dry and breathable. Is the ideal personal fabric and health care products, is conducive to the body's physiological circulation and health. 5. Fiber Strength The high strength of Modal fiber makes it suitable for the production of microfiber, as well as for spinning on ring, rotor and air-jet spinning machines, and gives almost flawless fine yarns suitable for Weaving light fabrics (such as 80g / m2 of ultra-thin fabric) and thick fabric, the production of ultra-thin fabric strength, appearance, feel, drape and processing performance is good, heavy fabric made thick without bloated. 6, modal fiber spinning can produce a more uniform stem, and other fibers can be mixed in different proportions, such as with wool, cotton, linen, silk, polyester and so can be high-quality yarn. Modal fiber dry strength close to the polyester, wet strength to improve than many ordinary viscose, luster, softness, hygroscopicity, dyeing, color fastness are superior to pure cotton products; made with its fabric, show A silky luster, with a pleasant soft touch and drape and excellent wear resistance, Modal fiber can be mixed with a variety of fibers, intertwined, such as cotton, linen, silk, etc., in order to enhance the quality of these fabrics, The fabric can keep soft, smooth, play their own fiber characteristics. 7, easy dyeing Modal fibers can be used traditional cellulose fiber pretreatment, bleaching and dyeing process. Traditional dyes for dyeing cellulose fibers, such as direct dyes, reactive dyes, vat dyes, sulfur dyes and azo dyes, are useful for dyeing Modal fabrics with the same dye uptake, Modal Better color, bright and bright, blended with cotton can be mercerized, and dyeing uniform, dense, lasting color retention. 8, gloss Modal fiber appearance so that the fabric has a silky luster, looks elegant, greatly enhance the quality of clothing; good feel and drape, making clothing even more elegant, more portable; Very soft touch, giving the fabric the second skin reputation. . Fabrics gorgeous color, light, is a natural mercerized fabric. 9, stable performance Modal fiber fabrics take stable performance, garments effect is good, strong morphological stability, with natural anti-wrinkle and non-iron, so wearing more convenient and natural. After testing and comparison, cotton fabrics will feel harder and harder after being washed with cotton fabrics for 25 times. Modal fiber fabrics, on the other hand, soften more and wash more beautifully.

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