snowbound (璱 妠) fashion women, imminent settled in Haikou Wanghai International 2 floor

Shenzhen womenswear brand "snowbound (璱妠 )" fashion women, will be strong in the near future settled in Haikou Wanghai International 2nd floor! Local friends can come in the store opening to buy seasonal best-selling models and fall new clothes. New store opening will also be accompanied by a series of promotions. A lot of surprises, a lot of new products.

璱妠-snowbound snowbound(璱妠)时尚女装,即将强势入驻海口望海国际2楼

Snowbound (璱 妠) Ladies' Wear is a well-known women's brand under Shenzhen Zhiqi Trade Co., Ltd. Since the establishment of the brand, the market has occupied a certain market share in the women's wear market and has become the pioneer fashion women's brand in the industry. Snowbound (璱 妠) Women are always able to capture the most fashionable contemporary elements and predict the future of fashion elements, cleverly integrated into their own design, designed for the majority of women to produce more attractive new clothes.

snowbound(璱妠)时尚女装,即将强势入驻海口望海国际2楼 snowbound(璱妠)时尚女装,即将强势入驻海口望海国际2楼

Snowbound (璱 妠) women's main consumer group is 25 - 35-year-old metropolitan high-spending groups. To provide them at work, leisure and other places of dress needs and requirements. The opening of the new store will send more new products to local consumers and everyone can go shopping at the opening of the store.

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