The New World family French romantic home service advocates a stylish modern home culture

Fashion, romantic, happy home culture is a new way of life and realm of life. Let the French fashion romantic home warm and high quality, and gradually become China's home lifestyle, become the world's most fashionable home lifestyle!

新世家族 - LNF/La Nouvelle Famille

Fashion and romance are the quintessential style of the Neo-Familial family . We incorporate the French concept of love, family, lifestyle, literature and art into our work and advocate a modern home culture full of fashion taste and French romance and elegance, She "feels more feminine and makes him" more masculine.

新世家族法式浪漫家居服  倡导充满时尚的现代居家文化生活

Brand positioning in the 25-38-year-old female consumer groups, they have a certain pursuit of quality of life, advocating freedom and fashion life, very concerned about the individual and family members of the quality of life.

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