Qiuku is a transnational conspiracy? Do not think too much, afraid of cold or wear it

In 2012, "Qiuku" is undoubtedly a hot word. The one circulated on the Internet is that many Chinese people are scared: "Qiuku is the 'biological and chemical weapon' created by the Soviet scientific community for the Chinese people. If a country wears the autumn trousers for 60 years, it is no longer possible to take off. In this regard, netizens have many doubts. Does this claim fly? Qiuku in the end is how come? Why are Japanese so cold? Qiuku in the end should not wear ... ■ rumors: "Qiuku" name comes from "Chur Kufusky"? Autumn trousers was invented by a Soviet geneticist in order to make it easier for those who put on the pants to take off and thus lose their ability to survive in the Far East. On the Internet, there is such a saying as "the source of the autumnal trousers," which seems to have both the legendary and the historical allusions: In 1921, when Comorino represented Chur Kufusky to China for guidance, he found that many people in China Very poor, can not afford to fall and winter cold pants, so he based on experience, we guide the use of cotton fabric made of personal pants warm, popular. After that, many people called the trousers "Chur Kufusky" and later streamlined "Churkow". Later on, they read "Chu Ku" and finally "Qiuku". The story spread to the "autumn trousers community" of the previous two years, while another legend of "Qiuku" covering topics such as conspiracy and war is even more lively every winter. It is said that "Qiu Ku" was invented by a Soviet geneticist in order to make it possible for those who wear Qiu Ku to never get off again. As a result, Qiu Kua members lost their ability to survive in the Far East, This is actually not a bullet, only by autumn pants, will be able to defend the territory. For these two imaginative "Qiuku legend," many people have said they can only "chuckle and talk to talk about capital." According to historical data, the two known as "the inventor of autumn trousers" actually do not have a dime relationship with the autumn trousers. The first "Mr. Chur Kufusky", there is no root in history, probably more than the creativity of netizens, used to ridicule "Qiuku" this all-you-can-eat North-South "artifact" of the virtual character . And the Soviet geneticist did not really have this person, but his main research direction is to improve plant genetics, to expand production. As for why the invention of autumn trousers was safe for the scientist, the invention of "representative invention" is the "wheat vernalization technology", which means that the wheat can be exposed to the environment of high humidity and low temperature, and the yield can be increased two to three times . This genetic conclusion seems to be "off with the pants on the off" "to wear Qiuku reduce cold ability" similarities and differences. ■ contrast: winter twists and turns, Japanese girls wearing stockings or a little cold, but the interior has heating, but also used to it from an early age. Although many people can understand "Qiuzhu conspiracy theory" is probably just a passage, can not wear to wear Qiuku in southern China, the North, the fashion industry and other areas are constantly controversial. Look at Japan and South Korea drama, those who dare to bare the legs of the snow, we still want to hysterical: "Why I still wear Qiuku!" By the end of December, Tokyo, Japan, the temperature has been close to 0 ℃, while the Modern Express Reporters in the streets of Tokyo, but this is the scene - 90% of women, regardless of age, are wearing dresses and stockings, and most stockings, are domestic women spring and summer wear thin stockings, and do not have what the cold Sex. And those who wear school uniforms of high school girls, then only to the calf wearing black socks, knee parts are all exposed. "Not cold?" Reporter could not help but ask one of the girls, "still a little cold, but the interior has heating, and from an early age so accustomed to it." In Tokyo, all indoor occasions, one in winter will open Heating, the same is true on the subway. In addition, the subway plush seat is also equipped with heating equipment, people sit down, they feel exceptionally warm. The Japanese cold hard work, it really is from an early age. On the streets, boys and girls attending kindergartens and elementary schools are often seen wearing only shorts or short skirts and socks on their feet. In physical education class, even if the stadium temperature is only minus 0, the teacher also requires the children to wear shorts and shorts. A similar situation also occurs in many countries. In South Korea, primary and secondary school children are able to arm themselves in the snow for training in the snow; children from a local kindergarten bath in the snow in the Russian Siberia region at minus 25 degrees Celsius. Many people see this, can not help but surprised and curious, is it that they are more afraid of cold than us? At the same time, do we also need such cold training? Qiu pants will make people lose their ability to cold? Truth: Proper reduction of clothing can improve the ability to keep warm, but it may also cause arthritis and neck and shoulder pains Snowy legs leg sister, there are still many people envy. As a result, some people always silently think: is it that I did not wear Qiuku since childhood, then they do not have to wear Qiuku it? For this idea, the doctor said that still have to be cautious, cold ability is not what you want to practice can practice. Xu Dacheng is a deputy director of the sub-health prevention and treatment specialist of Integrative Medicine Hospital of Nanjing City, who is 61 years old. He studies Chinese medicine and at the same time loves exercise. After winter, he generally wear a cotton trousers, do not wear wool trousers, so far no cold. In his opinion, do not wear Qiuku, does not mean that the body is good. For people in Japan and South Korea, such as cold ability, Xu Dacheng feel normal, "regardless of adults or children, cold ability is practiced." Since these places children received cold training, in addition to eating habits and China Different children, when they grow up, the natural ability to cold stronger. Such training can make physical fitness and reduce the risk of upper respiratory tract infection in cold conditions. Chinese can also conduct similar training, but must pay attention to two points. First, cold-resistance training requires a gradual process; second, it must vary from person to person. For regular exercise, physical fitness better young people, you can reduce the amount of clothing, improve the ability to keep warm. Xu Dacheng also reminded, however, that people should naturally conform to nature, too little clothing may cause arthritis and neck and shoulder pain. "Nanjing winter -5 ℃ ~ -2 ℃ temperature point of view, the movement can wear single pants, usually, it is best to wear a Qiuqun." For people over the age of 40, the basic is not recommended to try. In the shell network, the doctoral student Ent of Paleontology at the University of Berkeley also wrote an essay on the theory of smashing "autumn trousers can make people lose their ability to resist cold." He used the theory of "putting an end to retreat" to prove its absurdity: "The more advanced the world is, the more advanced it is for certain exceptions." Muscles and bones in humans can indeed be made stronger by reason of exercise, but incorrect use can result in injury or even discard. "The production of pants Initially indeed imported from abroad in the 1950s began to say so much domestic Qiuku, the weather is cold, Qiuku we still have to wear, but this Qiuku in the end come from? Is not it the same as the legend? Only China and North Korea wear Qiuku? Although there are many English names for the autumnal trousers, such as chill cool, more cool, young more cool, etc., they are all Chinese translations made by friends. In fact, the corresponding effect of Europe and the United States the same effect clothing, Qiutao the correct translation should be Long underwear, that is, "long underwear", is worn inside the coat, played the effect of warm clothing. Search for "Long underwear" on the web, and immediately you can see a slew of trendy pants, or foreigners in autumn trousers. So, you see, if the weather is cold, foreigners have to wear autumn trousers. Zhu Liping, a lecturer in the Department of Textiles and Clothing at the School of Science and Technology at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, said that the fabrics for the production of autumn trousers really came to China from abroad. Zhu Liping pointed out that in the south, autumn trousers are also called cotton trousers, the name comes from the machine that produces it - cotton wool machine. Cotton wool machine belongs to a knitting machine, which produces a double-sided fabric, called cotton wool. "Clothing is still mainly with the development of the times, the emergence of the rise of consumer attitudes, there will be demand for design, production because of the needs of the cold, resulting in such a tight, wearing pants inside the pants, we say As 'autumn trousers.' People have the need to keep warm, and they produce industrialized production, so it has become so commonplace. "As the ancient Chinese were accustomed to wearing large clothes, the knitting technology in China has lagged behind foreign countries and people are accustomed to handcraft Making socks, scarves, gloves and more. Until the end of the Qing dynasty, Chinese talents introduced simple knitting machines from abroad. At the end of 19th century, there was a knitting factory in China that produced simple knitwear such as cotton sweaters and sweatshirts. However, due to the underdeveloped textile industry, a single product, technology lags behind many years abroad, mostly knitwear production underwear, underwear, undershirt and other simple knitwear. The mechanical production of knitted fabrics, such as cotton wool, mainly imported from abroad. Until after the First World War, the export volume of foreign cotton wool decreased, and some Chinese manufacturers began to independently produce cotton wool. Since the 1950s, cotton sweaters and cotton trousers made from domestic fabrics have appeared one after another, with more and more varieties.

 After treatment is a technical treatment method that gives the fabric a color effect, a morphological effect (smooth, suede, stiff, etc.) and a functional effect  (watertight, non-ironing, non-sticking, flame resistant, etc.). The process of improving the appearance and feel of the fabric by chemical or physical main methods, improving the wearing performance or imparting special functions is the processing process of textiles.

The after treatment method can be divided into two categories: physical/mechanical finishing and chemical finishing. According to the purpose of finishing and the different effects, it can be divided into basic finishing, appearance finishing and functional finishing.

Our after treatment products are mainly calendered, embossed and pearl paste printed fabrics.


The purpose of finishing:


1. The textile width is uniform, and the size and shape are stable. Such as heat setting.


2. Enhance the appearance of textiles: including increasing the gloss and whiteness of textiles, and enhancing or reducing the surface fluff of textiles. Such as heat setting, crinked/ creped, bubbled, mercerized.


3. Improve the feel of textiles: Chemical or mechanical methods are used to give textiles a comprehensive touch feel such as softness, smoothness, fullness, stiffness, lightness or thickness. Such as soft, stiff, weight gain and so on.


4. Improve the durability of textiles: mainly use chemical methods to prevent damage or erosion of fibers caused by sunlight, atmosphere or microorganisms, and prolong the service life of textiles. Such as anti-mite, anti-mildew finishing.


Give textiles special properties: including some protective properties or other special functions. Such as flame retardant, antibacterial, water repellent, oil repellent, anti-UV and antistatic.

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