VISCAP casual wear perfectionist fashion attitude highlight

VISCAP brand has become the mainstream fashion leisure brand, a fashion elite for the city's fashion brand leisure. VISCAP implies Wei Kairai's future is a dynamic bright prospects, brilliant, but profound. From Milan, Italy, to Reggio Emilia, from Paris, France, to Hong Kong, China, a group of talented designers who are full of ideas and dreams come together to make VISCAP the most outstanding scenery. Navy dot polka dot knit cardigan is ideal for light-cooked men's taste, take the pink shirt and tie, filled with youthful atmosphere, highlighting the tide of people's clothing attitude. This year's animal print is undoubtedly still a major focus of elements, tiger fur coat and leopard handbags, and then with a casual style denim dress, mix and match street shot one step.

100% Wool Fabric is a natural cloth made of soft animal fibers. They neither wrinkle nor get contaminated much. Water absorbency, warmth retention, hypoallergency and durability are just some of the features making this fabric widely favoured around the world.

100% Wool Fabric

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