How to maintain the red coral bracelet

Everyone knows red coral! Today's Xiaobian is about the maintenance of the red coral bracelet. Let's take a look at the following points together!

How to maintain the red coral bracelet

1. Avoid heavy blows, collisions, and damage from gemstones.

2. Avoid contact with chemicals, acids, alkaline liquids and perfumes.

3, wipe with a soft cloth after each use for safekeeping; in addition to wearing coral during the physiological period, especially can feel the change of coral. When some people wear it, the corals will be white, some corals will be sticky, and some corals will be dark. In fact, these are normal corals, because it is the best sacred product for blood circulation. How these natural red corals are maintained is related to the human body. So the corals worn by everyone are different.

4, often soak the water, wipe the oil, so that it will always be "bright and shining."

5, often wear red coral jewelry, so that it is in harmony with human spirituality.

6, prepare a number of red coral jewelry according to the season exchange, to ensure the "bright as new" effect.

7, non-inlaid red coral necklace, bracelet, pendant chain wear all year round is the best sacred product of blood circulation health care. Also, if you want to make the red coral as bright as new, you can ask the seller to re-polish. The ornaments need to pay attention to the temperature, do not use the spotlights to bake for a long time, put a cup of water in a timely manner to moisturize, and wipe the baby oil once every six months. When using cosmetics, skin care products, hair spray, and water, please remove the red coral jewelry and wear it after a few minutes.

The above introduces the maintenance method of the red coral bracelet. Everyone should remember to maintain it. About, the knowledge about the maintenance of red coral is simply to say so much to everyone, I hope to help you.

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