Love without quarter women's famous ex-gratia Baoji, Ankang shop passion bloom

Autumn in October, love no season famous Pavilion in Baoji in Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Ankang grand opening, directed at the 2013 autumn and winter clothing sales season potential. It is reported that love stationed in Shaanxi without season for Wuhan love Furui costumes to extend the strategic layout of the western city, the first week of November will also focus on the introduction of autumn and winter new opening and promotion activities.


Love without season brand is the brand of Wuhan Avery Dress Co., Ltd., since 2007 has gone through 7 years. At present, there is no quarterly fare collection shop and famous collection shop in 20 provinces across the country and 2 autonomous regions and 3 municipalities directly under the central government. There are 146 municipal and county-level cities and nearly 300 physical shops! Compared with well-known brands and lower prices, For the vast number of consumers with more and more affordable options.


At the same time, love-free season is also rapidly growing to other provinces and cities to expand the area, and strive to enhance love without season in a wide range of brand influence in the country, "well-known brand clustering, diversification of consumer choices, retail prices to low "For the purpose of giving better play to the scale of cluster efficiency and enhance the overall competitiveness of brand clothing without love season where the men's mixed clothing store with good performance and more competitive edge to win extraordinary influence in the market.

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