MOCANO teaches you how to put the stripes out of the modern range

Modern stripes from spring to summer fall and winter. Unique color is not only fashionable joker, but also allows you to look more tall and straight gestures, walking between stripes is also more abundant and changeable, vivid three-dimensional. MOCANO take you to see how the stars of the tide piercing people out of style!

Use different arrangement of lines, exquisite tailoring skills. Clean and neat, concise atmosphere without losing the female elegance.

When the trend struck, stripes as the most popular winter fashion elements of a variety. MOCANO powder Whether you like the handsome fashion or enthusiastic charming romance, new products in the MOCANO winter can always find the favorite style, pro! Oh fast!

摩卡奴 - MOCANO

MOCANO with Tips recommended

Soft lake green and beige to create a warm and romantic, A-type profile and perfect combination of striped clothing, the use of inter-color fabrics fashion vibrant.


1. coat MOCANO section number /

2. Sweater MOCANO section number /

3. Camel dress MOCANO section number /

4. Bags Anteprima purple gray handbag

5. Miss Miss Dior perfume Miss Dior pure fragrance

High heels Miss DiorCamilla Skovgaard


1. Coat MOCANO section number /

2. Sweater MOCANO section number /

3 camel shorts MOCANO section number /

4 bags Tom Ford red and white striped handbag

5. Pants MOCANO section number /

6. Booties


1. Sweater MOCANO section number /


Shorts MOCANO section number /

4 bags

5. Pants MOCANO section number /

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