Blue color treasure, do you know several? (Figure)

The color of St. Barry's gemstones is colorful and dazzling. This is also the most fascinating place of gemstones. Among them, the blue gemstones are incomparably mysterious and elegant. They are endowed with an incomparable sacred aura. Which gemstones are blue?


First, sapphire

Sapphire is enshrined in the mysterious supernatural color of the ancient people with its crystal clear color. It is regarded as the auspicious thing of immortal love. It has also become the king of the British Empire, the crown of the Russian tsar and the dress together with diamonds and pearls. An indispensable accessory, the world of gemology defines sapphire as the birthstone of September.

There are not many sapphire producing areas, mainly Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, China, etc., but in terms of gem quality, Myanmar and Sri Lanka have the best quality.


Second, aquamarine

In the literal meaning of Aquamarine, "Aqua" stands for water, "Marine" means sea, also known as sea sapphire. As the name implies, it is a pure blue jewel like sea water, so the bluer the color, the more valuable it is.

Named after its unique sea blue, Sea Sapphire is a gemstone that symbolizes love and peace. It is a light blue color, fresh and desolate, and it is so precious that it is rare to produce.


Third, tanzanite

Remember the huge gemstone pendant of Ross Dylan in "Titanic"? The beauty of Rose and the moving gems made Jack fascinated. This gem is the mysterious and precious tanzanite.

In recent years, the market demand for tanzanite has soared over the years, surpassing many colored gemstones. Tanzanite is the gem of the new millennium, and its scarcity is more than a thousand times that of diamonds.


Fourth, topaz

The English name of Topaz is Topaz, the color is bright and bright, it has attractive charm, the price is not expensive, but it has very good decorative effect; in the eyes of Westerners, Topa can be worn as amulet, can exorcise evil exorcism To eliminate sorrow and enhance confidence.

Natural medium to dark blue topaz is rare, and almost all of the colors circulating in the market are treated by radiation reheating, which produces many different shades of blue.


V. Paraiba

In 1989, a kind of "neon" blue gems that people never imagined broke out. People used her place "Paraíba" as her name. Paraibaba is a rare source due to mining difficulties. The crystal structure is fragile. It is difficult to see dozens of carats of bare rock like diamonds. However, it is difficult to see a Paraíba from Brazil.


Six, blue spinel

Spinel has been a precious gem since ancient times. Because of its beauty and scarcity, it is also one of the most fascinating gemstones in the world. Blue spinel is rare, and if it contains cobalt, it is more valuable. Color, transparency and weight are the basis for the evaluation and purchase of spinel.

Blue spinels and sapphires are also difficult to distinguish. However, because their colors are all blue, the contrast between the color and the color in the transparent crystal is large, and the difference between the color tone and the color uniformity of the gemstone color is obvious, and the inclusion characteristics thereof can be clearly distinguished.


Seven, blue zircon

Zircon is also called "hyacinth". Zircon is available in a variety of colors, including green, yellow, red, blue, and colorless. The most popular zircon color is colorless and blue. Blue zircon is the most valuable of the zircon family. It is highly sought after because of its high quality, transparent color and good refraction.

The main producing areas of zircon are Sri Lanka, Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar and other countries. They are also distributed in North China and other places in South China. In the West, blue zircon is believed to have calming and hypnotic effects. Its blue texture can bring Give people a broad reverie and relax their body and mind.


Eight, lapis lazuli

The lapis lazuli, one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, was used as a jewel of the ruling class in ancient Egypt and the Babylonian period. At the same time, it was produced in the United States, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Chile, Canada, Pakistan, India and Angola. The output is high, but the gem-quality lapis lazuli is extremely rare, so it is one of the semi-precious stones with a very high appreciation value in the future.

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