How to make environmentally friendly natural yellow dye

The number of products containing natural yellow pigments is much larger than that of other colors, and most of them are flavonoids. Some of the flavonoids also have physiological activities that are beneficial to human health, and some have UV absorption characteristics and anti-oxidation properties, and their use value needs to be further explored.

The turmeric dye is a derivative of turmeric and is one of the most famous and brightest dyes of natural origin. Turmeric dyes are extracted from the new or dried roots of turmeric. The dried roots were boiled in water for 45 min. The dyes were precipitated and the extracts were filtered and used for dyeing. The mordant process was carried out in advance. The mordant was dyed at 50-60°C for 30 minutes, the bath ratio of the wool was 1:30, and the silk bath ratio was 1:40. After mordanting, the fabric samples were cooled, squeezed evenly, and placed directly into the dyeing liquor without washing or drying. The sample was dyed at 45°C in a boiling state and the bath ratio was 1:40. The dyeings are cooled in a dye bath, then washed, soaped, washed and dried. The riboflavin produced by yeast is a yellow pigment for staining, which has high safety and bright color.

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