Textile air pollution

The air pollution during the printing and dyeing process is mainly due to the use of a large amount of substances that can release odors, and the leakage and release of steam and hot air in the production plant. At present, the most serious is the pollution of the coating process to the environment and the atmosphere. In addition, the atmospheric pollution caused by the organic solvents such as kerosene used in paint printing can not be ignored. Air pollutants are mainly hydrocarbons such as oils, waxes and organic solvents.

These volatile organic substances turn into visible smoke and invisible but unpleasant odors in the air. Smoke is composed of tiny solids and tiny particles of volatile organic compounds suspended in the air in the form of gases; odors are usually hydrocarbons with an average molecular weight of less than 200. These odor molecules are adsorbed on soot particles and cause air pollution.

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