Zong Yang brand women contemporary Chinese professional women's representatives

Zongyang Women's Clothing is designed for 25-45-year-old urban mature intellectual women who are independent, confident and capable. They not only have high cultural attainments and high incomes, but also have independent opinions and opinions on things. They are the representatives of contemporary Chinese professional women .

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Design Concept: Designed for Elegant Living Focusing on constant inspiration from modern urban life, incorporating the most elegant and stylish elements of modern life into the design, the intellectual women are displayed through smooth tailoring and sophisticated details Mature, sophisticated, Independent, confident and unique charm at the same time, to provide consumers always elegant, comfortable and sophisticated life experience.

宗洋品牌女装 当代中国职业女性的代表

Brand concept: culture as the case, the idea of ​​foreign modern fashion elements, the concept of modern life and the values ​​of Zong Yang business integration, constitute ZONGYANG (Zong Yang) brand cultural connotation, and through a good brand image, well-built store environment, constantly Innovative and perfect products and personalized service will ZONGYANG (Zong Yang) brand of cultural connotation to "fine rain" way to change customer life attitude and lifestyle, so that customers in the purchase and wearing ZONGYANG (Zong Yang) ZONGYANG (Zongyang) brand care, and then ZONGYANG (Zong Yang) brand management philosophy, ZONGYANG (Zong Yang) brand loyal customers.

宗洋品牌女装 当代中国职业女性的代表

Product style: classic fashion, concise and graceful style of professional casual not only accord with the traditional aesthetics, but also try to reflect the times fashion; it is necessary to be simple and capable, without losing the femininity. Not only suitable for workplace wear products, but also to meet the needs of private parties.

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  • All our  ballroom dance dresses have buit in bar and panty.

  • All our ballrom competition dresses are hand-made, therefore, all decorations including flower appliqués, stone pattern, neck and arm accessories will vary during production. Our designers will determine how to put them on, in order to get the best result.

  • High quality, fashion design, good workmanship

  • Used high quality rhinestones, better than preciosa rhinestones and close to Swarovski rhinestones. If you want to change to Swarovski rhinestones, please contact us.

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