Love child brand children's clothing will love into the design, to bring health to children

Fuzhou love Duo Er Clothing Co., Ltd was founded in 2004, is a collection of production, research and development, marketing in one of the modern children's wear enterprises, the company successfully introduced the world-class brand "love child", in 2008, has successfully launched the "children of love "Professional boy brand. "Love child" "Love child" as the high-end European style and taste of children's clothing brand, for children aged 3-16 design and development products, advocating love of nature, full of love, the pursuit of self-concept of healthy living, the product has a rich Fantastic color Has been awarded the Chinese market excellent product quality, consumer recognized best-selling brand, was named Fujian famous brand, the Chinese children's clothing industry top ten brands. Currently, the national garment quality exemption enterprises and Chinese well-known trademarks are being declared. China's vast consumer market for children's products provides ample room for growth and a great opportunity for Love Child. As a brand from Sweden, "Love child" design by the Swedish angel children's products company design team to participate, and then by the domestic design team based on Chinese consumer spending and aesthetic habits to be adjusted. "Love child" in the country's design team has a wealth of experience in the domestic children's clothing, children's clothing market in China are familiar with consumer clothing and apparel culture, but also has some experience of living abroad, so "love child" products can always be realized Simple and refined in the refined nature of the elegance of the design style, the product not only highlights the children lively and lively side, but also shows the children of a new era of nature, the pursuit of self-way of life. For children's physical and psychological characteristics, "love child" products in the use of fabrics on high-quality cotton fabrics, supplemented by the international market, some of the popular environmental materials, with easy to wash, wear-resistant, soft, breathable , Hygroscopic, does not damage the characteristics of children's skin. In order to ensure the safety of children, "Aiduoer" products are strictly in accordance with European standards throughout the production process, the products have passed the test of national quality inspection departments, so that product safety impeccable. In addition, "love Duo child" products in size and layout not only require fit, comfort, and nature, but also give full consideration to the child's ability to grow independent training in the production of children as easy as possible to wear off. The idea of ​​"integrating love into design and bringing health to children" is always upheld by "Love Duo Er", "Love Duo Er" not only hopes to bring fashion elements from abroad to China, but the most important thing is to respect and care for children Concept and healthy children's products bring to all parents and children, take good care of, pay attention to the growth of children every day.

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