Italian luxury ladies brand "DGVI" autumn and winter 2012 new products

Italian style haute couture “DGVI” 2012 autumn/winter military style, court style and brand rudder Mr. Li Zhilong’s charity dream

Every woman once dreamed of this moment. When she walked in the street, all her eyes were attracted by her in a flash. The uniform style and the court style were one of the main trends in this year's autumn and winter. Windbreaker jacket, colorful court print jeans, leather jackets can be seen everywhere. Handsome and free-spirited uniforms and leopard prints are mixed together. Freedom reveals a sexy and charming woman in the saddle, demonstrating the independence and confidence of women. When the colorful retro prints are draped with luxurious fur, the elements of the trend of the hot autumn 2012 are vividly reflected. Who can not be attracted to her?

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