Hetian jade capital marketing first person Ma Guoqin

Hetian jade capital marketing first person Ma Guoqin He is the executive president of the Xinjiang Xinjiang Chamber of Commerce. He is also the vice president of the Xinjiang Jewellery and Jade Jewelry Industry Association. He is the first person to bring the concept of "capital marketing" to Ma Tianqin in the market of Hetian jade.

In Urumqi, Xinjiang, we talked about the Xinjiang Hetian Jade Market Information Alliance Trading Center, a professional Hetian jade trading center that was originally rebuilt from the Xinjiang Jade Carving Factory. Industry insiders are unanimously recognized as the high-end trading market for fine collections in Xinjiang Hetian jade industry. . In the past few years, the "Xinjiang Hetian Jade Market Information Alliance Trading Center" has become the most popular and trusted jade market in Xinjiang Urumqi. Undoubtedly, the standardized business model is different from other "Citizen City," and it also enables Uyghur and Shanghai's Aiyu people to find a place that they can really buy.

In the eight years that had been associated with Hetian jade, the characteristics of jade given by Chinese civilization were also reflected in Ma Guoqin. With his strong economic strength, he continued to collect Hetian Meiyu while insisting on learning related knowledge of Hetian jade, and repeatedly summed up the evidence. Nowadays, he has accumulated several papers on jade sentiment, especially "The capital marketing is about to become the core strength of the Hetian jade industry's future development" and "Hetian jade's value-added theoretical basis" in the Hetian jade industry. And the financial community in Shanghai has aroused a strong resonance. Another article in the People's Daily on October 6, 2008 published the article “The Life of a Jade Product” written by Mr. Ma Guoqin. Once again, he discussed his deep understanding of the value of Hetian jade culture.

In just a few years, Ma Guoqin not only read Jade, but also his own preaching. Through the establishment of trading centers, Hetian jade clubs, compilation of dissertations, and television interviews, Ma Guoqin promoted the beautiful Hetian jade culture to more people. For the contribution of Hetian jade, this is not all... After the theory of capital marketing has gained resonance in the industry, Ma Guoqin uses his own social status to seek benefits for many industry peers. From 2009 till now, the Xinjiang Hetian Jade Stone Commentary, which was evaluated and appraised by him, was approved by a number of banks in Xinjiang and effectively formed the real estate business of Hetian Yu, realizing the capital attributes of Hetian Yu and creating a jade mortgage finance. The first of its kind. Up to now, Ma Guoqin has introduced a total of more than 200 million yuan into the Hetian jade market, which has helped the development and expansion of many Hetian jade SMEs.

This is Ma Guoqin. His behavior has given us too much inspiration.

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