Jia Zi · Lyle 2012 autumn and winter must-have shirt made a small mind to make a big article

Jia Zi · Lyle designed for the mass of women, emphasizing the popularity of personalized style line, with its distinctive details of the design, rich and varied accessories with full expression of the pursuit of women's persistent personality, to meet the urban women's pursuit of change, to seek new, Break through the thirst for real life bondage.


Jia Zi · Lyle to exquisite luxury as the premise, based on the combination of goods, into the latest European fashion culture, implies a good personality, neutral and popular color combination, and with beautiful ornaments, highlighting its publicity personality Taste of life.

珈姿·莱尔2012秋冬必备打底衫 花小小心思做出大文章

Jia Zi · Laier value is reflected in the pursuit of change, relaxed and optimistic, optimistic and open outlook on life and rich personality enjoyment. Functional high-grade fabrics, simple style but details of the diversity of changes, nuances reveal the charm of mature women Zhuoya.

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