Ang send cashmere sweater the warmest in winter a fire

Cold breezes, the weather has become more and more cold, choose to keep warm and stylish dress has become more and more everyone's concern. Keep warm from the inside, so choose a comfortable sweater is very important. As a cashmere product processing enterprise, Shanghai Angian Cashmere Garments Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 as a cashmere product processing enterprise. It fully integrates all kinds of advantageous resources in the whole cashmere industry chain, bringing together excellent cooperation experiences from all parties to select Premium top cashmere raw materials for the pillars of products, as if the warmest in the winter a fire. Dark brown gives a steady deep sense of practicality, but also the lack of elegance, as if a cup of caramel latte, glycol coffee with a mellow milk flavor. Elegant brown and fresh apricot stitching soft and low-key, love patterns and Puff Sleeve design to break a single, bringing elegant sweet flavor. A variety of color mosaic fashion sweater is a favorite of young people, vibrant orange and steady Tibetan blue interpretation of low-key and elegant temperament.

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