2012 Cotton Textile Printing and Dyeing Meeting Passes Six Standards

2012 Cotton Textile Printing and Dyeing Meeting Passes Six Standards From November 27th to 29th, the 2012 Annual Meeting of Cotton Textile Printing and Dyeing Standards and “Calculation of Electricity Consumption of Natural Fabrics” and “Chemical Oxygen Demand of Textile Slurry/Determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand at 5th Day” were held in Zibo, Shandong Province. Methods, "Color Spinning Yarn Inspection Rules", "Recycled Polyester and Cotton Blend Spinning Yarn," "Polyphenylene Ether Fiber (Medium Long) Natural Yarn", "Polyphenylene Ether Fiber (Medium Long Type)" "Chobu" and other six industry standards review meeting. Deputy Secretary-General of China Cotton Textile Industry Association, Ye Yuchun, and Vice President of Zibo Textile Industry Association Cai Zhigang attended the meeting.

At the standard annual meeting, Zhang Baoqing, secretary general of the Cotton Textile Printing and Dyeing Branch of the National Textile Standardization Technical Committee, made the 2012 annual report of the Cotton Textile Printing and Dyeing Sub-Committee. The representatives of the four companies conducted technical exchanges on the yarn-spun yarn standard, polyphenylene ether gauze, airjet vortex spinning technology, and slub yarn testing methods. In accordance with the validation procedures, the participating experts listened to the standard drafters' explanation of the status of standards compilation, and seriously discussed and revised the standards.

The six standards formulated this time are based on the requirements of the NDRC and the MIIT's industry standard system revision plan. The formulation of the "Electricity Calculation Method for the Production of Natural Grey Fabrics" has been adapted to the needs of the development of the market situation, and has standardized and unified the production of electricity and power for enterprises in a large extent. The new standard incorporates air-pressure electricity into the scope of power calculation for mark-marking. Although the standard defines the calculation method of electric-folding for the production of air-laid loom fabrics, the idea and method for calculating electricity used by it are other The electrical offsets used in the production of woven fabrics for shuttle weaving machines provide direction and ideas, which are worth learning and promotion, reflecting the standard orientation and ductility.

"Polyphenylene ether fiber (medium long) natural yarn", "Polyether ether fiber (medium long) natural fabric" as a product developed using a new type of fiber, in the flue dust, chemical filtration, high-performance composite It is widely used in materials and other fields, so it has a good development trend. "Color spinning yarn inspection rules" and "recycled polyester and cotton blended spinning yarn" are complementary to the standard system of yarn-spun yarns. Recycled fiber products have made considerable progress in recent years, and more and more recycled products are appearing in the consumer market. As the recycled polyester with a larger proportion of recycled fibers, its usage is increasing day by day. Products have become important products in the textile and garment industry. Big class, and well embodies the characteristics of environmental protection and circulation. The formulation of these two standards can enrich the yarn standard system and promote the diversification and individualized development of yarn products. "Chemical Oxygen Demand for Textile Slurries / Detection of Biochemical Oxygen Demand for 5 Days" is a method for determining the chemical oxygen demand of a slurry for textile sizing and the five-day biochemical oxygen demand. It can accurately evaluate the Environmental performance, for regulating the slurry market, strengthen the supervision and management of slurry production companies, and better promote the development of environmentally friendly slurry, is of great significance.

The above six standard formulation projects have been worked out by the drafting unit and the standard technical focal point. After soliciting opinions from various companies and testing centers, they are collated into drafts for review and reviewed at this review meeting. In this meeting, the participating experts discussed the standards enthusiastically, improved the standard content, and finally passed the approval of six industry standards.

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