Glass curtain wall project acceptance management regulations

[China Glass Net] 1. After the installation of the curtain wall project, the project acceptance should be carried out. The acceptance should be carried out after the completion of the building (excluding the second renovation), and the surface should be cleaned before acceptance.

2. The contractor shall submit the following information when the curtain wall is accepted:

(1) Design documents, design modifications and material substitution documents;

(2) Report on the adhesion of the material certificate, the profile test report, the compatibility of the structural adhesive and the contact material;

(3) Factory certificate of parts;

(4) Coverage project acceptance documents;

(5) Construction and installation self-inspection records;

(6) Quality guarantee period for physical durability years under normal conditions.

3. The inspection of the curtain wall project should be carried out according to the following requirements:

(1) The frame material of the exposed frame curtain wall shall be vertical and horizontal, and the unit joint seam of the unit curtain wall or the hidden glass curtain wall shall be vertical and horizontal.

(2) The variety, specification and color of the glass should be consistent with the design. The color of the whole curtain wall glass should be basically uniform, and there should be no phenomenon such as alkali precipitation, mold growth and coating peeling off.

(3) The installation direction of the glass should be correct, and the side of the coated glass coating should face indoors.

(4) The wall glass should be flat, and the image of the outdoor scene reflected on the outer side of the curtain wall should not be distorted due to the installation quality.

(5) The color material of the aluminum alloy material should be consistent with the design, the color should be basically uniform, and there should be no phenomenon such as the coating falling off.

(6) The aluminum alloy decorative bead seat is flat, without defects such as visible deformation, wrinkles or partial pressure defects.

(7) The cover of the hidden node should be neat and tidy.

(8) The curtain wall must not leak. The curtain wall should not squeak when it is deformed.

The above contents are compiled according to the problems encountered by the students in the actual work, for reference, if there is any problem, please communicate and correct in time.

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