What is the color pink blue What color pink blue clothing with good-looking

Pink blue is a lake blue + light green + white synthesis, is a faint, plain color, giving a quiet, fresh feeling, it is not very color, but it can not be rejected, today We introduce two clothing is the pink blue clothing, non-Na Nui women teach you pink blue clothing.


Pink blue gives a fresh feeling, spring and summer more need to give a fresh feeling, the arrival of the hot season, how can less a fresh color with it? This pink blue to get a group of styles, doll collar design, the hem is also decorated with fold pattern, very sweet dress Oh.

粉蓝色是什么颜色 粉蓝色服装搭配什么颜色好看

If a winter is over, the belly grows extra meat, what can be done? Spring and summer clothes are not good-looking, do not worry about Nuona Li women to help you solve, pink blue vest dress style, loose pleated skirt, so that you have a beautiful body and sweet dress, absolute in spring and summer do not worry.


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