Mannu 2014 spring and summer dresses with eye-catching printing highlights the visual highlights

Although the temperature is still a slight chill for some people, some people in the streets have already put on beautiful spring clothes and even short-sleeved summer dresses, indicating that the spring and summer of 2014 is heading towards us. After a winter lazy, want to give a good impression in the spring, the natural selection of clothing requirements to be harsh. MIGAINO Manuel 2014 spring new, bring you the latest, most comprehensive spring new choice!


Figure: Manya slave women's 2014 spring and summer

The most suitable spring dress, of course, non-dresses, simple sleeveless waist version, tailored according to your body, the perfect highlight of your bumpy body, blue and white porcelain printed stitching, into the elegant blend of a touch of retro taste, morning Fit with a striped profile jacket to go out, high-end atmosphere Fan Li legislation was.

曼娅奴2014春夏裙装搭配 抢眼印花聚焦视觉亮点

Figure: Manuel slave 2014 spring and summer new products

Knees printed skirt package hip skirts, learn the colors and patterns of nature, fully integrated into the spring scene, high waist version with chiffon shirt, urban beauty and fashion capable of revealing in a flash, bat sleeve clever concealment of the design Hoarding of the butterfly arm in winter, wear clothing is a new bright spot. (Mr. Qin)

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